Смысл песни "Transgender" Crystal Castles.Explained Songs
Meaning of Transgender by Crystal Castles & Song Story
Canadian band Crystal Castles recently released their hit single titled “Transgender”. Undoubtedly, it became a real hit in a short time, because the
The meaning of the song "I'm sorry.  Goodbye.  Hi"?Explained Songs
Meaning of Hello I’m Sorry Goodbye by Mike Rea & Song Story
The group “Pornofilmy” has been one of the most popular punk bands in Russia for more than one year. A huge number of fans, an impressive list of created
Смысл песни "Another love"Explained Songs
Meaning of Another Love by Tom Odell & The Story Behind
The meaning of the song “Another love”. Tom Odell has never been as popular as it is now. His song “Another love” is actively listened to even now, although
The meaning of the famous song "After Dark by Mr. KittyExplained Songs
After Dark – Mr. Kitty Explained & Meaning Of The Famous Song
Truly unique at the moment is the work of the artist Mr. Kitty. His songs After Dark combine absolute genres & types of music. Synthwave, relaxation, a kind
The meaning of the famous song "Personal Jesus"Explained Songs
Meaning of Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode & Song Story
Depeche Mode created one of their most iconic songs called “Personal Jesus” thanks to a not-so-pleasant story. However, soon everyone was talking about her.
The meaning of the song “Pope is a rockstar” by SALESExplained Songs
Meaning of Pope Is a Rockstar by SALES & The Story
We are talking about the last attempts to improve relations: a woman tried to establish them for a long time, but she was tired; and now the man decided to also
The meaning of the song "fried chicken"Explained Songs
Meaning of Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band & Song Story
Everyone knows the song “Roasted Chicken”. Maybe not the whole text, but some lines for sure. This composition is also found in some Soviet films, including
Meaning of Pisse — FahrradsattelExplained Songs
Meaning of Fahrradsattel by Pisse & The Story Behind
This song, whose title translates from German into English as “Bicycle Saddle”, consists of less than twenty lines, while the last lines are repeated
What is the meaning of the song "Fairy Tale" by Viktor Tsoi?Explained Songs
What is the meaning of the song “Fairy Tale” by Viktor Tsoi?
“Fairy Tale” is recorded for the first time in 1988 (Portastudio). It did not become as famous as “A Star Called the Sun”
What is the meaning of the song and video "Zeit" by Rammstein?Explained Songs
Meaning of Zeit by Rammstein & Song Story
What is the meaning of the song and video “Zeit” by Rammstein? March 10, 2022 Rammstein released a new single – “Zeit”
Смысл песни "Zick Zack" Rammstein: Линдеманн против вставной груди, операций по смене пола и стандартов красотыExplained Songs
Meaning of Zick Zack by Rammstein & Song Story
The Meaning Of Rammstein’s Zick Zack: Lindemann Against False Breasts, Gender Reassignment Surgery & Beauty Standards. Probably, there is no person in
The Meaning of Till Lindemann - Ich hasse Kinder (The Short Movie)Explained Songs
Meaning of Ich hasse Kinder by Till Lindemann & The Story
Till Lindemann – Ich hasse Kinder Explained & The Story Behind: What Does It All Mean? Till Lindemann has always surprised with his unusual songs and videos.