Meaning of Zick Zack by Rammstein & Song Story

The Meaning Of Rammstein’s Zick Zack: Lindemann Against False Breasts, Gender Reassignment Surgery & Beauty Standards. Probably, there is no person in the world who has not heard about the German band Rammstein from the corner of his ear. On April 29, 2022, the album Zeit (Time) was released, which the fans took extremely positively.

The meaning of the song "Zick Zack" Rammstein: Lindemann against false breasts, sex change operations and beauty standardsPhoto:

However, today we will talk specifically about the composition “Zick Zack”, in particular, we will consider the meaning of the song and the thoughts that we wanted to convey to the listeners.

The meaning of the song

Till Lindemann himself is already aged, even if he is in excellent physical shape. However, his youth is over, no matter how unfortunate it is for his fans.

Probably, the soloist himself is thinking about what he sings about in the song “Zick Zack”. First of all, the composition touches upon the theme of the slow, inexorable aging of show business stars and actors.

However, in pursuit of youth, they go to any lengths to prolong their fame – these are plastic surgeries, pumping fat out of the body, tightening the skin and other procedures. In the lyrics of the song there is a line “ohne Schmerzen geht es nicht”, which translates as “it won’t work without pain”.

The meaning of the song "Zick Zack" Rammstein: Lindemann against false breasts, sex change operations and beauty standardsPhoto:

The authors wanted to say that such operations are not without pain and people make desperate sacrifices in order to achieve a short-term result. However, suffering is nothing compared to the fear of waking up as an old man whom no one loves anymore.

In this context, the play on words is interesting. In the second verse, Lindemann says “you are getting old,” and in the third, the convincing “you are old,” that is, the completed transition of a person from an elderly state to old age. There is also a call right there, they say, finally admit that you are old, and do something else.

In addition to the topic of preserving youth by any means, to amuse their pride, Lindemann and his group touch on other topics.

For example, the problem of the desire of still young people to meet the standards of beauty is raised. For the sake of this, they go for breast augmentation and lip pumping operations. In the end, everyone becomes the same.

Moreover, Lindemann uttered these words: “If a woman in a man’s body is not happy, everything is already cut off anyway.” Here, the authors clearly wanted to oppose sex-change operations, because the psyche of many people cannot withstand such a sharp transition from one model of existence to another.

The meaning of the video

The video for the song “Zick Zack” only emphasizes our thoughts. The authors managed to create, albeit somewhat exaggerated, images that show the state of affairs without embellishment.

At the very beginning of the video, a still youthful Lindemann is on stage, starting to sing for an already older audience, despite their rocker outfits. This already speaks of the soloist’s desire to preserve youth against the backdrop of a gradually aging audience.

Rammstein Official / Youtube.comPhoto: Rammstein Official /

All members of the group have artificial abs cubes (afterwards they will show how silicone pads are put on ordinary bellies). Behind the scenes, you can also see that the artists are crying at the sight of their reflection in the mirror, starting to convulsively stick on their hair, eyebrows, and insert their jaws.

At this moment, the soloist’s skin begins to sag on his face. He notices this with fury, and goes backstage, where in the “surgeon’s operating room” in desperation he tries to fix the skin with a construction stapler.

As a result, he rewinds his face with tape, disappointed in the brackets, and again goes on stage.

The video also contains a scene with a pig, on which markings are applied (sirloin, brisket, and others). Along with the animal are young girls in bandages. This is a clear reference to the desire of modern youth to go under the knife for the sake of an ephemeral standard of beauty.

The clip ends with the soloist starting to hurt his knee, and he limps off the stage. Here the authors wanted to say that human aging is unlikely to be stopped, and inside the body wears out imperceptibly. External gloss and youth still do not save a person from slow and inexorable withering.

And here’s the clip itself, if you haven’t seen it yet.

Friends, if you have thoughts about the meaning of the song, be sure to leave them in the comments. Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon!

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