Meaning of Pope Is a Rockstar by SALES & The Story

We are talking about the last attempts to improve relations: a woman tried to establish them for a long time, but she was tired; and now the man decided to also fight for their love.
It seems to be already clear to the woman that everything is sad. But hope is still alive. You look at your soulmate with a sober look and try to convince yourself: you still have to part, nothing can be changed.

“You take off your clothes and go to the last battle before our worlds part” – these lines contain the strongest pain: the one that has already come to terms with the inevitable parting, but continues to hope.

The tone of the song is deceptively calm. It seems to be nothing special: the lyrical heroes almost realized that they were not on their way. Everyone accepted it as a fact. But that is the secret of the song – in deep pain and hopelessness disguised as calm. Clearly, the heroes have to tear on the living. Otherwise, where do all these large-scale comparisons come from: “we can wait forever for a worthwhile track” or “we can wait forever until the world opens up to us a little”.

At the same time, the woman openly admits the end of the relationship. And the man attacks with loud, but belated (most likely) phrases about saving the relationship. And all those thoughts about not being able to lie anymore. And although you can still fight – but why?

Only people who have a deep feeling can reason like that. They don’t want to fake. Can’t look at dying love. And nothing can be done.
There is still some kind of passion: after all, the lyrical heroine still has the power to be ironic: “you can be the brightest, I just hope that the night will be dark.” Maybe not all is lost?

But maybe there is nothing to return. The lyrical heroine has the main hope that there will not be so many tears after parting. But it is clear that there will be tears. And there will be many.

The man waited until the woman’s patience snapped. She had already firmly decided to leave and end the agony of love. And now he is ready to talk. The eternal tragedy of untimeliness.

People have different pain thresholds. When one is already exhausted by lies and pain, the other only begins to guess that there seems to be some kind of problem.
And all these words about the need to fight to the end will no longer help. Once upon a time I really wanted to hear them. But now it’s all burned out.

The lyrical hero invites the girl to take a chance and try to continue everything. And she is afraid that she will allow herself to be persuaded. She hurts. This has been going on for a very long time. She is tired and wants to leave.

The song also hints at the overly ambitious plans of the man, who were not destined to come true. Apparently, he promised too much. And she is tired of believing in the miracles that he promises. Perhaps all this time she has to pull them both on herself: otherwise why so much resentment and irony in relation to the hopes placed by him. Although the song is in English, the problems are understood all over the world. The unrecognized genius lives in dreams and forgets to bring home their daily bread. At the same time, she expects the heroine to remain a cheerful and cheerful optimist. But it’s not so easy – everyone waits and waits. Eh, if the dreamers didn’t take on their companions all the worries (both moral and material) for the duration of the dream, the love boat would not crash into everyday life with enviable regularity.

What is meant by the “lie” mentioned by the heroine, one can only guess. Maybe we are talking about the fact that a man lies to himself and exaggerates his abilities. Or he is also cheating on her: you have to look in advance for new fans who believe in you. Or are we talking about the fact that in fact he only verbally fights for love? This cannot be known and confirmed for sure. But the fact that the lyrical hero managed to offend and disappoint the heroine very much can be stated with all certainty. If a woman sacrifices herself, it is better not to accept these sacrifices. Then you won’t have to listen to sharp and uninspiring remarks addressed to you.

Pope is a Rockstar Lyrics by Sales

Now he wants to start talking
“Go ahead, ” when I’m walking
Face the lie that I’m hawking
“No, don’t wanna, won’t happen”

Pope is a rockstar
You take your clothes off
Heading for the last fight
Before our worlds part

We can wait forever for the world to untrack
We can wait forever for the worthwhile track
And, oh, you want to start talking
Fall together, I’m walking
Face the lie that I’m hawking
We can always fight

You can be the highlight
Pope is a rockstar
Hoping on a late night

How you wanna start talking?
How you wanna start walking?
We can make a landslide, dive-in
We can let it all go, cave-in
You wanna start talking
You know what I’m walking
Hoping and a hoping that I won’t cry
Hoping and a hoping that I won’t try

Lyrics Pope is a Rockstar by Sales Alternative

Now he wants to say.
“Go ahead,” as I go.
Facing the lies I’m spreading.
“No, I don’t want that to happen.”

Daddy’s a rock star
You take off your clothes
♪ Heading for one last fight ♪
Before our worlds part

We can wait forever for the world to unfold
We can wait forever for a worthwhile track
And, oh, you want to start talking
Falling together, I’m going
Facing the lies I spread
We can always fight

You can be the highlight
¶¶ Daddy’s a rock star ¶¶
Hoping for a late night

How do you want to start talking?
How do you want to start walking?
We can create a landslide, take a dive
We can let it all go, give up
You want to start talking
You understand, I’m walking.
Hoping and hoping that I won’t cry
Hoping and hoping I won’t try

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