Meaning of Hello I’m Sorry Goodbye by Mike Rea & Song Story

The group “Pornofilmy” has been one of the most popular punk bands in Russia for more than one year. A huge number of fans, an impressive list of created songs, an excellent visual and musical component of creativity – and this is just the basis of their musical career. The song “Sorry. Goodbye. Hi” really liked their audience, so it is very popular in social networks (the same Tik-Tok). However, behind the pleasant and bright sound, not everyone sees a truly beautiful and deep meaning. But it can be interpreted in different ways! This is what we’ll do today!

We note right away that we will analyze the 2 most popular and logical theories regarding the meaning of this song. They, in our opinion, most deserve the “right to life”. Therefore, it will be repelled by them.

The meaning of the song “I’m sorry. Goodbye. Hello “No. 1 – about freedom

This interpretation of the meaning is distinguished by a special love for freedom. The main character literally lives for her, he cannot do otherwise – life is locked up not for him. Therefore, from the first lines of the song, we see a sincere desire for unlimited freedom. It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside – the hero is already striving for adventure. The endless call of the Dalek is the desire to be free. Over and over again, it “pulls out” the lyrical hero from the same type of reality in which other people exist.

Who is waving the protagonist in the wake? Judging by the fact that he moves on a bicycle (and this, as a rule, is the transport of teenagers), his mother waves to him. The young man is most likely on his way. Where exactly is unknown. But the ideals of infinite freedom and natural beauty clearly refer to the ideal vision of the world, which is characteristic of young people. Unfortunately, this “spark” gradually fades with age.

By the way, this theory is confirmed by the phrase about the fact that instead of the wheel there will be the Moon. This is a fantastic vision of the world! It is obvious that the hero is a young man, nothing more.

The phrase “I’m sorry. Goodbye. Hello” refers to the fact that the hero apologizes for all his “jambs”, says goodbye, but still comes back sooner or later. Sooner or later, all of us will return to our parents, who gave us extraordinary and boundless love. But it will be a little later, when the desire to get unlimited freedom will subside somewhat.

The meaning of the song “I’m sorry. Goodbye. Hello “No. 2 – about relationships

There is another interpretation of the text of the song, it lies in the description of the relationship. The young man was fine with his lover, but there was discord in their lives. Relationships that previously gave only positive emotions began to fall apart. Naturally, all this led to a breakup.

Now we see that the young man feels boundless freedom, which he did not have before. Perhaps the relationship was not the most pleasant. Now he is ready to conquer this world, and the girl says, “I’m sorry. Goodbye. Hi”.

So…stop! And what about “hello”? Is he returning? According to the song, yes. Freedom turned out to be so desirable and bright only at first, and then “nature” (that is, life), which is described in the form of autumn weather, became not the brightest. The young man realized that he had lost something dear to his heart, and therefore returned. Surely the girl accepted it.

Still, perhaps, “freedom” is a kind of pause in the relationship, which allowed the lovers to realize their attachment to each other. The song turned out really good. Everything in it says that the performers are the Pornofilmy group, moreover, in the best traditions of musicians!

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