Meaning of Fahrradsattel by Pisse & The Story Behind

This song, whose title translates from German into English as “Bicycle Saddle”, consists of less than twenty lines, while the last lines are repeated verbatim, enhancing the feeling that the main character has. This is a guy who is desperately in love with an inaccessible girl and wants to become not a ring on her finger, as poets dreamed of in the old days, not a fashionable shoe that fits her leg, and not even her shirt, but a bicycle saddle on which she rides, which also suggests intimacy.

Not for nothing, just a little over a hundred years ago, citizens of strict morals believed that a girl who perched on a bicycle saddle and pedaled diligently was an exciting erotic spectacle that no man could resist! And for a lover inflamed with passion, especially if he sings in a punk band and is not averse to risky and daring comparisons, anything can become a subject of passion! If he could, without harm to life and health, plop right under the wheels of a bicycle, he would do it with great joy!

So who is she, impregnable or, more precisely, accessible only to another man, a beauty on a bicycle? Apparently, this is a practical young lady who, more than anything, wants to get a ring on her finger! Perhaps this is an old-fashioned “grandmother’s” ring with a massive stone or an elegant thin ring with a diamond, but in any case, this is a treasured engagement ring, for the sake of which many girls are ready to lay their souls even in our emancipated age! Someone who, but German young ladies have always been distinguished by practicality, which they combine with thriftiness and sentimentality!

Whether she is at least a hippie, at least a rocker, at least a punk girlfriend, in her heart she still sees herself as the mistress of a cozy house or apartment, surrounded by all kinds of household appliances, the same obedient children and gifts from a loving hubby who is ready to please the troublesome wife both on weekdays and in holidays. Judging by the fact that her hand is in the “rubber hand” with which this girl is forever connected, she needs a husband, submissive, like a rubber doll. But such a hand can turn into a real iron glove! As soon as it squeezes, you won’t break out, even if you flutter like a caught bird and plaintively ask to be released.

Well, what is an “annual ticket”? A subscription to the cinema or to the theater for a year? Or something else, less innocent? In order to solve this riddle, you need to know not only the German language, but also the realities of modern German life. Perhaps there is some indecent subtext hidden here. One thing is clear – this girl longs for a stable and long relationship, and many girls, and with them young or not very young wives, will easily understand her feelings. Love is love, but you also want to eat every day, and it is desirable that it be not only bread, but also butter, and sausage for a sandwich, and a lot of delicious food, which is so rich in German cuisine!

However, who said that this girl once loved a punk or that she rejected his love? It is quite possible that she did not pay attention to the strange guy who composes incomprehensible songs and does not part with the same unlucky friends! She likes, if not gallant gentlemen who know how to give bouquets of flowers and various “jewelry”, giving compliments, then at least reliable solid young people who have a normal job, a cozy apartment and a decent salary! And the punk can only remember the commercialism of modern girls, get a couple of bottles of stronger beer or a mug of good schnapps from grief and write one more song about his feelings!

Lyrics of Fahrradsattel by Pisse (English translation)

Artist: PisseSong: Fahrradsattel

•Album: Kohlrübenwinter



You want an annual ticket,

You want a ring on your finger,

A rubber hand in yours,

Chained and forever.



But I want to be your bicycle saddle,

But I want to be your bicycle saddle,



But I want to be your bicycle saddle,

But I want to be your bicycle saddle,

But I want to be your bicycle saddle,

But I want to be your bicycle saddle,

But I want to be your bicycle saddle,

But I want to be your bicycle saddle.


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