Stranger Things Season 3 Ending Explained & Plot Analysis

What’s Wrong With Season 3 of Strange Things: If you love “Strange Things” as well as we do, and after watching the third season you (as well as we) have some questions, we ask you for mercy to read. But if you haven’t seen any plot holes, then go to the point “advertising” and “references”, don’t tear your heart out. Strange Things: References, Pluses and Minuses

Well, for those who still decided to share our indignation with us, below you will find four reasons that are not so with the third season of “Strange Things”, but only shh, otherwise we are thrown dry waffles.

Minuses of the third season “Strange Things”

There’s that monster again

Yeah, yeah, well, if you thought the story would spin around something new in season three, you were wrong. On the agenda is the same monster from the second season (reference to Darabont’s “The Mist”), who, with the help of ordinary people, or rather their bodies, is gaining physical shape and walking through the streets of Hawkins. Most likely, the procedure of abduction of the mind can serve as a reference to the “The Thing”, where, like us, the heroes were inhabited by an alien parasite. But it doesn’t make it any easier either.

Such a plot turn, as well as the fact that the monster can only kill closed portals we saw in the second season, the very concept of a parallel world — in the first. I’d like to ask you how much you can do, right? Yes, the monster has got a new look, and the line with chemicals twisted to the limit, but stop, we still do not know why the infected people were eating chemicals. This branch of the story, like many others, remained open. We are waiting for the fourth season.

Open storylines

Opening story branches, or if you want lines, is a good thing. When the story is only gaining momentum, you can put anything into its structure. But it’s harder to bring all these lines to mind, to the end. For example, the love interest between chief Hopper and Joyce lasts from the first season. What can I say there, if at the end of the third season they are demonstrably offered to make love, their chemistry is so great. Eventually, without saying anything to each other, the sheriff dies (we’ll talk about the causes of his death on the show below).

This also includes the vision of El associated with her mother. Completely undisclosed lines of “evil russians”, who are both scientists and spies, and military, and all together sit in anticipation of the opening of the portal, what would what? In general, the main character of the portal this season is understatement. He is in almost every scene.

Suspicious timelines

Too many references to “Back to the Future” led to the fact that the creators themselves decided to play with time. Only not as we expected. If at the beginning of the season the heroes still managed to sleep and eat, then closer to the end of the season turned into terminators, which need nothing but to solve complex problems, to save themselves and the world around them. For this reason, the heroes run around the city 24 hours a day, without sleep, rest and snack. Most impressive is the line of Lukas’ sister, a 10-year-old girl who almost two days, without a break for a day’s sleep, saves the world from russian monsters. More precisely from russians and monsters.

A meaningless sacrifice

We promised to tell you why chief Hopper died, and why this plot turn in the spirit of the last season of “Game of Thrones” can be considered the most disastrous for the third season. Classic death at the end is a popular phenomenon. A good example can be found in almost all of Marvel’s films. But what about “Strange Things”? The first two seasons of the series jokes and parodies over all possible patterns, and I must admit, it does it perfectly. The desire to kill someone really important in the third season is a prank of modern cinema. There is not enough drama (although it is definitely enough) to kill someone important. But who? The main characters are teenagers — too cruel. Will’s mother (Winona Ryder)? No, well, first of all, she’s a star, besides, she’s a woman. The chief’s character approached almost all the parameters. Or, maybe the actor’s contact is over, who knows him.

The pluses of the third season of “Strange Things”

Good advertising

Probably the most unexpected plus of this season and the whole series — advertising, and this is not because it is not enough. On the contrary, it is so much that after a few scenes in which the heroes quench their thirst for coca cola, you start to treat it normally, and even rejoice at the next appearance of this wonderful drink. To put it simply, the advertising is well thought out, it is so appropriate to the situation, time and place that there is nothing to pick on. Here is a scene for you near the pool where Mike’s mother drinks new coke, a failed restart of usual Coka-Cola. After a few episodes, one of the main teenage heroes tries the same new, but his friends notice it and can not understand how to drink such a nasty thing. The branch has closed (at least somewhere) and we are glad that nowadays everything is fine with a stake. Great move.


The references for season three of “Strange Things”

The main advantage of the series is the references to the pop culture of the 80s. Movies, books, music, and even hair care products. Everything is there, just have time to watch.

Below will be presented references that we have time to notice:

WarGames (1983) and Red Dawn (1984)

From the first one at the beginning of the series, we have a scene with two tumblers to run simultaneously. The second is connected by time — 1984 (the release of the film, the beginning of the events in the series) and almost the whole story line, in which the Soviet Union is attacking the U.S., and the children save him. That’s how it is. Interestingly, the main events will take place a year later, but the reference was definitely successful.

Stephen King’s stories “The Monkey” and “Night Shift”

Remember that creepy monkey who watched the toys on camera in “Toy Story 3”? So, this is a reference to the story of Stephen King from the collection of “Skeleton Crew”. And yes, in the first series of the same animated toy can be seen in the room Dustin.

In the second story, King describes rats that mutate in their basement. A clear and very vivid reference to rats in the season.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

One of the first scenes of the series: the opening of the portal to the parallel world, which, no matter how twist, but still reminds the eye of Sauron.
In the last episode, Dustin says that his radio tower is called Weathertop – Amon Sul. Simply put, the hill in Eriadore, where the brotherhood was attacked by nagging.

Die Hard (1988)

A classic scene from “Die Hard” in which a German terrorist reminds McClane that the policeman, and therefore follows the law in the fifth episode, when chief Hopper threatens the russian terminator, and he responds: “policeman have rules”.

This also includes movement by ventilation and a scene on the roof of the elevator, where the main characters were hiding.

Jaws (1975)

Unexpectedly, but yes. The main events in the series, as well as in the film take place on Independence Day — July 4. But do not hurry to roll your eyes. The mayor in “Jaws” a certain Larry — a stupid and money-hungry man, just like in “Strange Things” — stupid, greedy, too, Larry, too, the mayor.

Magnum, P.I. (1980-1988)

The series will tell about the detective who was lucky to be in Hawaii, wear shirts with bright floral prints and mustache. The coincidence is obvious, because Hopper himself watches this series, and when he gets his shirt says that this is the last squeak of fashion.

The Terminator (1984)

And the prize for the brightest reference gets the russian dude who tried his best to play the role of Arnie. Seriously, even the characters in the show itself noticed this resemblance. Unbelievable.

The Thing (1982)

References to Carpenter’s remake in the third season are particularly vivid, and some have been pumped from previous seasons. For example, the shadow monster from the second season, which used to resemble the monster from “The Mist”, in the third season took on a physical form, and, no matter how funny it may sound, began to resemble the monster from “The Thing”. Just like in the movie, he doesn’t like warmth and lives in other creatures, turning them into a mountain of mucus on occasion. This also includes a poster that hangs in Mike’s basement. From a more recent one, there is a scene of interrogation in the sauna and reasoning on the theme of the original and the remake of “The Thing” by Lucas.

Charlie’s Angels (1976-1981)

In the first episode of the series Dustin tries to neutralize unexpected guests with the help of lacquer, which was used by Angels. The same lacquer was recommended to him by Steve last season.

Alien (1979)

Green liquid containers are opened on the same principle as the batteries on the Nostromo ship.

The scene with the extraction of a piece of monster from the leg of El reminds the scene of the birth of a stranger at the beginning of the film.


As you can see, Dustin’s radio tower has many names. One of them is “Cerebro”, which is a clear reference to the car of Professor X.

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