The Equalizer 2 Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Robert McColle used to be a Special Forces soldier for a long time, but decided to retire. He got a job in a home goods store, worked as a salesman, and reads his favorite books in his spare time. He met Teri, an attractive girl who was also interested in books and liked to drink tea in pleasant company. It turned out that she was a prostitute, but from childhood she dreamed of singing on stage. She can’t just take and leave this job, because no one wants to lose such a beautiful girl, because clients have a very high demand for her.

One day, Robert saw Teri being beaten by pimps and taken away in a car in an unknown direction. He remembers that he promised his dead wife that he would never take up arms again. But such injustice and bestial attitude towards the girl prompted him to punish the pimps. He understands that the forces are not equal, because he has to deal with the Russian mafia and CIA agents. Robert, as a former commando, not only knows how to shoot, but is also known as The Equalizer 2.

What is the point of this movie? It lies in the fact that a person who has learned to fight for justice will carry this skill through his whole life and will apply it in every life situation. Robert couldn’t resist jumping into this situation and helping the girl he liked. A sense of injustice began to play in him for a girl who not only works at a job that is not entirely prosperous, but also regularly gets paid for doing something wrong. Having become at one time an ordinary person, he is used to life becoming calm and measured, but the situation that has happened reminds him that injustice has not gone away from life. He decides to look into this situation, even though the forces are completely unequal.

Special attention deserves the acting and the work of the cinematographer. The picture turned out to be realistic, lively and colorful, because the whole team did a great job – the atmosphere in the frame takes the viewer into the plot course of events. The actors have created a real atmosphere that captures and attracts to view. There are a lot of fights in the film, and the plot is quite ordinary and predictable, but this does not interfere with the enjoyment of watching.

They say that in 2022, another part of the story about The Equalizer 2 should be released. Viewers expect the same realistic and tense atmosphere in the film, which will keep you suspense until the very end. We will see how Robert will again take up arms to restore justice. Now he will fight with former colleagues, through whose fault a person dear to Robert died. Susan died because of them, and now Robert will definitely finish what he started. He will restore justice, because everyone knows that he will definitely bring what he started to the end.

Many viewers who have watched the film, speak about it both positively and negatively. Some found a lot of positive moments in it, and some viewers say that the film is definitely not worth watching, because there is nothing interesting in it. The plot is predictable and understandable, and the actors play very poorly. But all this is just the opinions of those people who have already watched this film. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, be sure to watch it. Perhaps you will find something fascinating and interesting in it. The continuation promises to be interesting and original, the story will develop unexpectedly, and the plot will surely attract even those viewers who do not like action movies.

The struggle for justice will begin very soon, because no one has canceled the human code – the dignity of a person and his ability to live normally in the first place.

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