Last Shift Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The film premiered in 2014. This is a horror film in which an interesting exciting story – a police officer for the first time stayed on night duty in an empty police station. It would seem that nothing terrible should happen, because there is absolutely no one in the room, but it all starts with the creaking of the floors. Jessica is frightened of this, but then it only gets worse – a call is heard, where on the other end of the wire they ask for help, accompanied by frantic screams. As it turned out, it was the dead victims of murderers and maniacs who called – they are unhappy that their cases are not moving forward and no one is investigating them.

Jessica must answer to all these disgruntled souls for the fact that the murder cases stand still. Will she be able to gather strength into a fist and resist them, somehow solve this problem?

The meaning of the film Last Shift: idea, plot, disturbed problems.

The film is very interesting, it keeps the viewer in suspense almost to the very end. But what is the meaning of this film, why was it filmed by the director, what is its main message?

There are a lot of films with such a plot, where the hero finds himself in a dark, locked room, and they are already pretty fed up with the audience. However, it is this film that saves the game of heroes. The main character, Jessica, plays her part well, and the film’s many sudden chilling details are especially valuable. There are very few really scary films now, but this one is sure to tickle the nerves of even the most beloved horror fans.

Nevertheless, viewers note that this is a one-time film. Why? Almost everyone has seen a similar movie, but they can’t find anything worthwhile in this one. The predictable plot and the implausible game of Jessica are tiring and do not bring any pleasure from viewing.

What is the point of the movie anyway? As is known from the plot, Jessica’s father was also a policeman, but died in the line of duty, and her daughter followed in his footsteps. She wanted to continue his work – to benefit people, solve their problems and unleash conflicts. But she is left on duty in a locked room. The girl tries her best to show herself as a professional in her field, but she does not have the opportunity to do this, because in a closed empty room you will not really show your professionalism.

Jessica shows strength and calmness when she comes face to face with terrible creatures who want to take revenge on her for the inaction of the police. You need to be the same calm person and maintain balance in any situation.

It is extremely difficult to single out any philosophical deep meaning in this film. Polywoman is trying to escape from the monsters who came for retribution – it seems that there is nothing here that will make the viewer think, no. Perhaps the viewer, after watching this film, will be able to highlight some meaning for himself, but for this you need to think very deeply and delve into the facts.

Is it important that Jessica’s father worked in the police, and his daughter decided to follow in his footsteps. This is a desire to prove that this profession can benefit society and solve the problems of each individual person. But such a desire for justice leads the girl to the most terrible night of her life.

The struggle of the hero with evil forces is crowned with success, although the process itself is not very simple and pleasant. The girl has to face not very pleasant and safe creatures – the victims of maniacs and serial killers who were brutally torn to pieces and killed. She steadfastly endures this confrontation, which once again proves the strength and power of women. Especially if they work in the police and their main task is to save people’s lives, help in difficult situations, protect or judge according to the law, protect from thieves, scammers, murderers and maniacs.

The law of the world is that for every action there is a reaction, and this film perfectly demonstrates how this law works. The audience will definitely enjoy the development of the plot in this film. although many write that he is boring. It is better to watch it once and form your own opinion about the film than to rely on someone else’s opinion, which may not always be correct. Only after a personal viewing, the viewer will be able to formulate for himself the meaning that he took out of this film.

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