Meaning of Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People

It happens that the song instantly becomes mega-popular. Its distribution does not require special advertising or anything like that. It’s just that everyone suddenly likes her, which gives rise to a huge interest in her. That’s exactly what happened with Foster The People’s Pumped Up Kicks. She captured all the music charts in the world, constantly breaking more and more new records. Of course, such popularity attracted a huge audience, which began to think about the meaning of the song. And he was not as simple and carefree as the melody. We will talk about this today!

The lyrics of the song are about a teenager, Robert, who suffers from certain psychological problems. He is rejected by the society of peers, which constantly gives him a lot of pain. But he decides to kill everyone who has been bothering him for so long. He dreams of finding a weapon in his father’s closet and going to create his cruel retribution.

Here it is important to note the following: everything that happens is not propaganda of violence against other people! The author himself has repeatedly stated that he did not set such a task for his song. He just wanted to talk about the difficult adolescence and its manifestations. In this case, the guy wants to simply destroy the system that oppressed him day after day. Yes, it’s terrible, but he sees no other way out for himself. No one wants to help poor Robert, so he is left alone with his problems.

The first verse tells about the boy’s abnormal state of health. He cannot share his thoughts and problems with anyone, which gradually leads him to a terrible thought. He wants to take the weapon from his father’s closet and go to take revenge on all those who hated him. These are really the most terrible thoughts that can only arise in the head of a teenager, but he can no longer endure. The verse ends with a really creepy statement that Robert is already coming for you.

It would seem that the motive of the song is not conducive to raising a particularly important social issue, but Foster The People do not think so. Perhaps this presentation is used to more vividly oppose the social problem and the rest of society.

The chorus takes us to the moment where the lyrical hero has already taken a weapon and set off to take revenge. He only taunts those who try to flee. Their newfangled sneakers will only move away from Robert, while he will only shoot and assert himself.

The second verse tells about what will happen after revenge. The father will return home, where a warm supper will not be waiting for him. Robert won’t come home, he’ll just sit down and light his cigarette. However, the irreparable will happen – he will finally go crazy. He will talk with his cigarette and laugh at everything that just happened. It will be really easy for him, his personality will finally be freed from the heavy chains of public condemnation. Such an incident will help him to be reborn, albeit in such a terrible way.

Now you understand how important it is to pay attention to the problems of teenagers. The lack of banal communication with each member of society can push one of its elements to a violent way of solving the problem. And it will be terrible! This is what the performers of the song Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People wanted to tell us. We hope you enjoyed reading our material!

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