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Why is Get Out (2017) the best horror film by RottenTomatoes?Почему

More than a year ago, one of the most authoritative film critics’ websites, RottenTomatoes, compiled a list of the 100 best films of all time. This top almost immediately caused a storm of indignation, because the leading positions, no matter how sad it may sound, were not “Forrest Gump” or “The Shawshank Redemption” (and no, we do not claim that these films are the best). But “Black Panther” and the author’s “Lady Bird” are definitely not the projects that deserve the first and second place. Having looked through the list completely, our editorial team caught on to a relatively new one, released in the same year with “Lady Bird” “Get Out”, which is conveniently placed on the sixth position, with almost 100% rating (98%). For example, “Schindler’s List” and “Leon” are on the sixth position in the tops of IMDb and KinoPoisk, respectively. In this regard, there is a little rhetorical, but still has the right to exist, the question — and whether it holds out? Let’s look into it.

After the release of “Get Out” left ambiguous reviews of the audience, and quite positive feedback from critics. It is understandable, because films that touch upon the topic of racism in the modern world is one of their favorite topics. For this reason, on the high points of the world’s top movie theatres, we often see pictures, the message of which is tolerance as a whole. Here you can find “Black Panther”, which is “not even Marvel’s best film”, but somehow the best in the rest of the world.  “Moonlight” is a drama about the life of dark-skinned homosexuals, an Oscar winner in the category of “Best Picture” and a rather fresh “Green Book”, — also “best” and by the way, it is very well deserved. And if in the second example, the theme of homosexuality can be traced openly, the third cost only one scene, in which the writers struggled to sit on all the chairs at once.

Why “Get Out” is the best horror film?

But why “Get Out”? Frankly speaking, the main character of a black man, not a homosexual and in general his life was successful (up to a certain point), he has a best friend, a girl, and even a dog. Some kind of classic genre, you say. And you’ll be right, because it’s not about the color of the skin (it’s him), but how often in the horror movies in the main role is the British, and even the writer?

Plot Analysis

A young African-American photographer named Chris and his girlfriend Rose go to a country house to meet her parents.

It would seem, and what does Oscar have to do with “the best script”? But not everything is so simple, and if you like plot turns on type “The Others” or “The Skeleton Key” — to you unequivocally here. ” Get Out”, despite all its predictability, keeps in suspense to the most final credits, that for any film, whether it be drama, horror or thriller — a great achievement. And the action itself develops slowly enough, which allows us to immerse ourselves in sympathy for the main character, and after each strange scene (almost all scenes of the film) to ask the question: “What actually happens here?



During the whole action the plot of the picture jumps from side to side. For this reason, there are good jokes, good drama, detective, a lot of thriller and peregrine fever at a fairly high level. Perhaps that’s why Wikipedia defines the genre of the film as detective and satirical horrors? “Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride” or something?



As it was said above, we have a loving interracial couple in the positions of the main characters. He is a successful photographer.  She is an ordinary girl who loves him. It is worth noting that the game of Daniel Kaluuya (Chris) and Allison Williams (Rose) causes almost no questions to their heroes. We know they’re together, and we want to strengthen our relationship with her parents. That’s all it takes.



The film boasts quite interesting operator’s solutions, which further immerse it in the atmosphere. It is worth noting that most of the close-ups belong to the main character. This technique helps to see what is happening from his point of view. A vivid example, – “mother!” Darren Aronofsky, where 60% of the film we see a close-up of the main character, perceiving what is happening through the prism of her experiences. It is also worth noting a lot of wide, distant plans, with the help of which you can feel like an observer, as well as to see interesting small details.

Soundtrack deserves special mentioning. Songs and music are selected so filigree that even a diva is given as it happened. The first and last scene of the film is an example.


Summary and explanation of the ending

The plus side:

  • a great cameraman’s robot;
  • unexpectedly good humor;
  • not overwhelmed by the details of the narrative;
  • A brilliant ending.


  • photos that expose the main character lie in the public domain?
  • A slight delay in the middle.

Careful, spoilers!

“Get Out” fresh breath in the world of cinema and in the genre of horror in particular. The essence of the film can be reduced to a single capacious phrase — “racism backwards”.

African-Americans gays and a girl were not chosen because they were black in the usual sense of the word. And because they have black skin, and therefore more durable, are well developed physically and anatomically. And I don’t care about color. The idea is interesting. And three Oscar nominations, with one victory in the end, excellent box office, positive reviews of critics and audience evaluations helped to bring it in full, without changing on the way to a boring drama or biography. Immediately horrible. Not bad.

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