A Quiet Place Part II Ending Explained & Film Analysis

A few years ago, the cool science fiction film A Quiet Place Part II (2020) came out. He talked about how aliens descended to Earth. They turned out to be giant spiders that had no organs of vision. But spiders had excellent hearing. They fed on human blood. Thus, any rustle could lead to death.

In the center of the plot is the history of the Abbott family. These people have been through a lot. They live in a house where everything is arranged so that there is no unnecessary noise. The head of the family built a basement, which does not penetrate unnecessary sounds. There, his wife gave birth to a new member of the Abbott family. The only secret to their survival in the world of giant alien spiders was that they didn’t make any noise. However, one day they lost their caution. Or rather, their children. Once they were in a city where they had to take everything they needed, and then leave. The sister took a battery operated toy for the boy. Already in the forest, he turned it on. This resulted in him being grabbed by a spider and drinking all of his blood.

Thus perished the youngest member of the Abbott family. After such a terrible tragedy, family members began to behave even more quietly. But it still didn’t help. One day, the spiders finally got to them. The children’s father died distracting the spider from the children. But his daughter, being deaf, discovered that the sounds of her hearing aid were killing aliens. Then she amplified them with a microphone. And that was the main intrigue of the first part. It’s all about the frequencies that the hearing aid emits. If you increase them, you can kill a lot of spiders. So the surviving Abbots dealt with those aliens who broke into their homes.

In the second part of A Quiet Place, the Abbots still had to leave their house and go outside. Here they were waiting for a real nightmare. It turned out that spiders are not the only creatures that seek to destroy earthlings. There are many other monsters in the world. The daughter of the deceased head of the Abbott family has a special apparatus that amplifies the sounds of her hearing device. So the alien spiders aren’t that scary anymore, but as said, the other monsters are more of a threat. Now the Abbots will have to fight the creatures of this new, hostile world for earthlings. Alien monsters are everywhere.

A Quiet Place 2 already clearly shows the new weakness of spiders. In addition to the sound frequencies from the hearing aid, they are also afraid of water. In the first film, an episode was shown when the spider was confused in front of a waterfall. But then it was not focused attention.

What can be said about the second part of the Quiet Place. It is known that the first part was very successful. She was able to collect more than 300 million, with a budget of only 17 million dollars. But she also got it from critics. They felt that there were many weak points in the plot and that the characters behaved illogically. The second part of a wonderful fantasy horror film was supposed to rid the tape of such weaknesses. After all, since there was a huge success, you can make a whole movie series. And for this it is necessary to rid the plot of shortcomings. There are already successful movie series in the world of horror, of course, films like Friday the 13th, Nightmares on Elm Street, Halloween and similar great movie series. Perhaps, in modern times, it is A Quiet Place that will become a popular franchise.

The secret of popularity is in the fresh plot of the film. The heroes must not make noise so as not to attract alien spiders. Such monsters almost did not appear on the screen. The filmmakers managed to make a really interesting world of the earth under the rule of giant spiders.

The creators of the second film are well aware of the “anticipation of horror” technique. The first shots show the carefree life of a small town. People calmly go shopping, work, children study, play. The baseball championship is underway. City fans are watching him with all eyes. Everyone is doing something, everyone is trying to live in his own way and fussing over the household. But the spiders are coming soon. And it makes the viewer nervous in anticipation of horror.

It’s a really good move by the director. Suddenly, an object lands, which is likely an alien ship. Spiders come out of it and begin to bring death to people. As you might have guessed, this is the very beginning of the alien invasion of Earth. These scenes alone make it worth watching A Quiet Place 2. Next, they show our days. The surviving Abbots are now homeless and are trying to find another place to live. Before them is a world full of dangers.

A Quiet Place Part II will fully meet the expectations of the audience. The effects got better, other monsters appeared. This movie should be watched by everyone.

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