King Richard Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The movie King Richard (2021) shows us the rise of the careers of two famous tennis players Sirena and Venus. It was the father who was involved in their upbringing, he tried to train them, set the goal of achieving great success. He made every effort and developed a special plan, according to which they were supposed to become champions.

However, the film raises some controversial points regarding the process of education and the very approach to training. He completely planned the dream for his daughters, did not give them the right to choose. However, his goal is so that they can break through in white society, he was initially opposed to white coaches, he fought with his hidden horrors. In fact, it was they who led to the emergence of famous champions. However, he hurried, he decided to sacrifice everything to make champions out of them.

In fact, the campaign father behaved incorrectly in relation to his daughters, and in general to his family. The fact is that initially it was an ordinary family, but it was the head Richard, played by Will Smith, who was also the producer of the tape, who built his plan. She only once heard how much one tennis player can receive in 4 days of the tournament. This amount exceeded his annual income, so with the birth of his two daughters, he makes a huge plan for 87 pages on how to raise and turn them into the greatest tennis players. His main main idea and slogan for life – if you do not have a plan, then you are planning a failure.

All his life he built according to this plan. While making plans and training his daughters, he regularly visits well-known trainers, distributes his brochures with the plan and photographs of his daughters, with achievements. Some coaches finally agree, but only to train one Venus. As for Serena, her father trained her himself, recording Venus’ workouts on video.

It should also be understood that Richard was not as perfect as he might seem. For example, he had other children, whom he simply forgot about and did not rely on them. In addition, he is shown as a real abuser, he could throw the girls out of the car, make them walk home. In terms of upbringing, he emotionally constantly suppressed his daughters, taught them certain lessons, he forced them to revise the film Cinderella so that they knew how modest they should be. He was a very egocentric person who liked to argue. As you know, he even had a nickname in the tennis industry Richard big mouth, because he could not behave correctly, he constantly expressed his opinion, it was out of place, sometimes it was worth listening to great coaches, and not making your own story.

However, there is also such a moment that, as a result, all this behavior is presented to us as an ideal model. As a result, the girls became champions, but in fact many of them could break down such treatment. The behavior of the father is explained by the environment in which Richard himself lived, because he lived during the time of the Ku Klux Klan, when the police, white guys pursued black people. Therefore, his task was not only to defeat racism in this environment, he had to fight the whole world, which made him arrogant, while he trained girls day and night, he worked as a security guard. He also did not leave the girls to study and planned in his own way the whole process of both learning and general behavior.

The film can be perceived in different ways, a very different direction can be traced here, and everyone can evaluate it from their own point of view. Those who really know the biography of the girls, have their own opinion about Richard, can add up their personal picture. He was too strict and demanded too much, and in fact the fact that the girls managed to become champions is also a coincidence. The father believes that this is only his plan, which he strictly followed and adhered to his plan, depriving the girls of childhood and the opportunity to play with equal rivals, helping to bring them to the level of champions.

It is also noted that for some time Serena lived under the shadow of her older sister, but her father had a special plan for not, he knew for sure that it was Serena who would become the greatest tennis player in the world as a result. He saw that Serena is a real fighter and the feelings inside her play a special magic. He predicted the future development of Serena’s fate against the backdrop of how Venus played, it was a kind of lesson for her and an opportunity to see any mistakes and accept her game. As a result, Venus has won Wimbledon five times, Serena is a 23-time Grand Slam champion, the greatest player in the history of the sport, which is what Richard wanted.

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