5 Best Unusual Horror Movies to Brighten Up Your Halloween Night

Here is a selection of the best and most unusual horror films of recent years, which can and should be watched at any time of the day or night. Go.

Vacancy for a sacrifice (2007)

IMDb rating: 6.2

Young couple Emmy and David are driving along a deserted night road. Soon, their car breaks down. The couple leave the car near the highway and head to a roadside motel. Having checked into the old room, David decides to look at the left cassettes, assuming that this is a collection of classic films. What is seen on the screen is terrifying. Not only because there are recorded real and brutal murders of people, but also because all these murders took place in their room. From that moment, the couple understands that they have fallen into the same trap as the people on the tape.

Although the film did not collect the necessary box office, fame and recognition, in certain circles and at a certain time, they still came to it. Now it is a solid and fairly high-quality thriller that falls short of the title of horror only because of the absence of excessive cruelty.


It (It follows), 2014

IMDb rating: 6.8

Girl Jay goes to a meeting with a new guy. After having sex in the car, the young man ties her up and tells about “It” – the curse that haunts him, and now it will haunt her. It can appear in the form of a familiar or unfamiliar person, you cannot touch it and you must run away from it. You can only get rid of a curse by “passing” it on to another person through sex. In this case, It switches to another, but the former can still see it.

The idea of ​​stalking in cinema, however clichéd it may be, takes on a whole new dimension when stalking is made inevitable. To put it simply, you cannot run away from a pursuer, you cannot turn him over to the police or kill him. It exists and does not exist at the same time. Its main goal is to relentlessly follow the victim.

This idea, glorified in “The Ring”, in “It” is transformed into something more worthwhile, thus demonstrating one of the best horror films of recent times for a very small budget.


Reincarnation (2018)

IMDb rating: 7.3

After the death of Annie Graham’s mother, strange things begin to happen in the Graham family: Annie begins to see her dead mother. The grave of the latter is desecrated by unknown persons a week after the funeral. The woman begins to go to a support group, but does not understand the scale of the threat hanging over her loved ones.

“Reincarnation” is the first feature-length film by Ari Astaire, who had previously established himself as a good short-film director. We have to warn you, Reincarnation is a whole new level in the horror genre, because it is not 100% classic horror, but rather a thriller with a touch of drama. The film frightens not with sharp knocking sounds, screamers or liters of blood, but with its suddenness and completely unexpected plot twists, which even the trailer was unable to spoil.


Midsommar (2019)

IMDb rating: 7.3

The main character Dani, who lost her family a year ago, goes on summer vacation with her boyfriend and his anthropological friends. They are sent to Sweden, or rather, to the small village of Horgu, whose inhabitants preach paganism. The goal of the heroes is to see the rite of celebration of the summer solstice. At first, staying in the village seems nice and completely safe – right before the first ceremony.

Solstice is the second full-length film by Ari Astrara, which finally breaks the canons of horror films. Almost all the action of the picture takes place on the meadows drenched in the sun, making them afraid not of the dark, but of a bright weather day. Also, according to the director, this film is not about pagans or ancient rituals, it is about the separation of a man and a woman. Such a synopsis, although it seems completely unreliable, is fully embodied on the screen, showing the most unusual horror film of recent times.


Get Out (2017)

IMDb rating: 7.7

A young black photographer named Chris and his girlfriend Rose go to a country house to meet her parents.

It would seem, but where does the Oscar for the “best script”? But not everything is so simple, and if you like plot twists like “Others” or “The Key to All Doors” – you definitely come here. “Away”, in spite of all its predictability, keeps in suspense until the very end credits, which for any film, be it a drama, horror or thriller, is already a great achievement. Well, the action itself develops quite slowly, which allows us to feel sympathy for the main character, and after each strange scene (almost all the scenes of the film) ask the question: “What, in fact, is going on here?”



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