It Follows Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Immediately you need to make a reservation. The American horror film “It Follows” (2014).  And since the film was released earlier than the well-known “It” (2017), there is only one claim to the translation – why is it so short?

Below we will explain why this movie is so good. We will also try to answer the most popular questions regarding its plot. Go.

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Plot Analysis

A girl named Jay (Mike Monroe) goes to meet a new boyfriend. After having sex in the car, the young man ties her up and tells about “It” – the curse that haunts him, and now it will haunt her. It can appear in the form of a familiar or unfamiliar person, you cannot touch it and you must run away from it. You can only get rid of a curse by “passing” it on to another person through sex. In this case, It switches to another, but the former can still see it.

From that moment on, the heroine will now and then be pursued by the unknown It in completely different guises, except for the guises of her relatives. Most likely, this is due to the fact that all the characters – two friends, a girlfriend, and Jay’s sister – do not remain indifferent to her misfortune. They are not hostages of the situation, but help only because they love and trust the girl. For the same reason, most of the main character’s plans are filmed mainly from behind, from above or in the distance. Thus, the camera continually emphasizes the feeling of relentless surveillance, even if It is not nearby.

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Irony in “It”

Despite the rather serious attitude, the film is filled with irony over modern horror films. Judge for yourself. How often in horror films you can find scenes where the heroes have sex. The correct answer is almost always. And more often than not, sex itself (as a process) does not affect anything. His presence is due to only one thing – to attract the attention of the viewer. In “It” sex is the engine of the plot. He is both death and salvation. Hyperbolization of the stamped technique at the highest level.

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Who is It?

The Unknown Ono in the film is not a scary clown, a maniac killer, or a ghost from a dilapidated estate. This is a very real person (people) of flesh and blood.
Throughout the film, we never know who or what it really is. Most likely, in this way, the creators tried to avoid the popular clichéd technique in which horror heroes learn about the nature of evil from books / stories / from other victims, etc.

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Why can’t the heroine just get on a plane and fly overseas

Most likely, It does not always travel on foot and can disappear, appearing where the object of persecution is. I mean on board an airplane or even on the other side of the world.

The hidden meaning of “It”

Here we will not write about allusions to AIDS and STDs. You can read about these assumptions from critics.

Of the more obvious, “It” is a metaphor for the inevitable death that will overtake everyone, only at different times. But unlike others, the main character can see her. From receiving this “gift”, the inevitability of the approach of death increases with each of its appearance.

Explanation of the ending “It Follows”

The ending of the film pleases us with a classic open ending, in which almost everything has to be thought out by ourselves. And what has not been thought out – that will not happen. Jay and Paul walk by the hand, and behind them, in addition to the janitor, is the silhouette of a guy. Most likely, it is “It”, which already follows Paul. If we talk about what will happen when they notice it, then the plot of the film will probably become cyclical. Simply put, the heroes will again begin to hide in abandoned houses and try to destroy the creature.

Is the movie scary

Definitely yes. The film is scary, and very even. At the same time, there are almost no screamers or some nasty scenes in It. For the entire film, we counted two or three moments in which, with a certainty of 50%, there was a screamer. But it is not exactly.

The description of this painting can be summed up in three capacious words: beauty, uncertainty and inevitability. The first is responsible for an excellent visual series, the presence of which is like a kind of trap, because the film is actually horror. Immediately behind him is the unknown in the form of a curse, and strange people following the main character. After the set, the inevitability comes , because we understand that there is no escape and no hide from It. And throughout the rest of the action, every now and then we peep behind the monitor, in the doorway or in the dimly lit corners of the room. Everyone is afraid to see something of their own there.

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The idea of ​​stalking in cinema, however clichéd it may be, takes on a whole new dimension when stalking is made inevitable. To put it simply, you cannot run away from a pursuer, you cannot turn him over to the police or kill him. It exists and does not exist at the same time. Its main goal is to relentlessly follow the victim.

This idea, glorified in “The Ring”, in “It Follows” is transformed into something more worthwhile, thus demonstrating one of the best horror films of recent times for a very small budget.

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