Wind River And Two More Unusual Thrillers For The Evening

Here are three great thrillers for the evening that you probably haven’t heard of.

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The Tall Man (2012)

IMDb: 5.9

still from the movie “Poor”

In a small and forgotten town, children disappear with horrifying regularity. According to the parents who followed the babies on the day of the abduction, they simply disappeared, leaving no traces behind them. The locals nicknamed the suspect in the theft of children Verzila, whose image, without any significant evidence, is more legend than truth. Nurse Julia Denning is the only doctor in town, she also has a son, whom she takes care of and protects in every possible way. But one night she discovers he is missing.

The Harvest (2013)

IMDb: 6.1

frame from the film “Harvest”

The Young family lives in a secluded home without any social interaction with other residents of the town. Their only son, Andy, is very sick and, according to his mother, will soon die. One day a girl named Marianne comes to the family’s house; she has just moved from another city and wants to make new friends. She and Andy quickly find a common language, and if the boy’s father is satisfied with this, the mother does not want to let the girl on the doorstep.

Wind River (2016)

IMDb:  7.7

frame from the film “Windy River”

Tragedy strikes on the Wind River Reservation. A young Indian woman, Natalie Hanson, is found dead on a snowy plain. FBI agent Jane Banner arrives at the crime scene. After examining the area, the girl understands that without the help of a professional hunter, who discovered the corpse, she will not be able to cope.

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