“The Girl on the Train” And Two More Great Thrillers For The Evening

A quality thriller for the evening is a good end to the day. Below we will tell you about three excellent, but different in content, thrillers that you can watch at any time of the day, but best of all – in the evening. Go.

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When a stranger calls (2006)

dir. Simon West

Thriller with horror elements “When a Stranger Calls” will appeal to those who love “one-man films” and the pressure of an enclosed space. The plot of the picture is simple: a young girl finds herself in a large house and an unknown person begins to hunt for her. Communication between the maniac and the victim takes place through telephone conversations. By the way, this film is a remake of the 1979 film of the same name, which we also recommend watching.

still from the movie "When a stranger calls"

Girl on the Train (2016)

dir. Tate taylor

The dramatic detective-thriller “The Girl on the Train” did not have enough to become a noir film. Perhaps the point is in color correction, or in the mood of the original source (after all, the film was shot based on the book of the same name). In any case, the picture turned out to be gloomy, deceiving and rather pessimistic. We recommend viewing.

still from the film "The Girl on the Train"

Jaws (1975)

dir. Steven Spielberg

The famous thriller by Steven Spielberg is the most unobvious, judging by the two previous films, a member of this list. But why not. Despite the fact that the film will soon be 45 years old since its release, it still looks alive and definitely passes the “test of time”, not inferior to most modern films on the theme of the battle between a shark and a man.

still from the movie "Jaws"
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