Wild Orchid Ending Explained & Film Analysis

In 1989, the American erotic melodrama film Wild Orchid was released. Directed by Zalman King. The cast included Mickey Rourke and Carrie Otis, who, by the way, got married after filming and became a couple for as much as 9 years. There is a legend that went around during the release of the film that the actors could not restrain themselves, and the last bed scene was really real.

The plot of the movie

A girl named Emily just got a job at a law firm. She is immediately sent on a business trip to Brazil. There, she must help complete the deal that the company is pursuing.

Arriving in Rio de Janeiro, the girl meets a rich man named James Wheeler. He tries to seduce the girl using all his data. A man accompanies a girl to a traditional Brazilian carnival. There, Emily succumbs to the man, but at the last moment he changes his mind. The girl is shocked, she doesn’t know what else to expect from James. By his actions, he awakened in the girl a desire for communication with other men. Now the rich man regrets it, realizing that he loved the girl with all his heart. She was different, not the same as other girls. Now he is trying to achieve not only her body, but also her heart.

The meaning of the film

What is the meaning of the movie “Wild Orchid” in 1989. Debauchery has always attracted an audience. This applies not only to films, but also series, books, games. And not only those who are ready to embark on his path, but also those who are simply curious to observe from the outside. This film is not pornography in the literal sense, but rather erotica, which contains quite a lot of explicit scenes. The whole film is not a continuous sexual relationship, it is rather about what boredom of an adult can bring to. For them, their own emotions are fire. It is easy to quench the physical fire, but when the spiritual fire flares up, not everyone is able to withstand it. There are a lot of shots in the film when there is nothing but bodies on the screen. It looks like an animal call from somewhere in the depths of consciousness, which has nothing to do with spirituality and morality. The picture is beautiful, I think there is no point in arguing with this.

These films are easier to address to women today. They are more sensitive to pictures of this kind, some dream that a similar story would come true. Although, in its essence, psychological games on the screen can be called a perversion. Not physical, but still moral.

What kind of girl, and quite young, who is still hormonal, go to the city of fun, but confine herself to work? Indeed, it is difficult to resist the temptations in the form of an affair. After all, the whole city is saturated with an atmosphere of passion, carnival, desire. He seems to whisper: “Do it, no one will judge you here. Your natural desires are normal.” Yes, and just by seeing two people giving themselves to carnal pleasures, you yourself can get hold of such a desire. And how beautifully staged pastel scenes! Twilight, two naked people touch each other, every drop of moisture on the skin is visible. And acquaintance with the main character further spurs the heroine to such thoughts. My head begins to boil, I don’t even want to think about work. She just can’t bring herself not to participate in all this. In addition, the new acquaintance is playing some kind of psychological game that makes the heroine suffer so sweetly, but at the same time reach closer and closer to him.

The use of such a plot is generally not common for showing a romantic story. Well, how, it would seem, can the whole story end? Joint night and vows of eternal love! The characters come together as one. And the viewer, who is in suspense throughout the film, finally gets emotional relief. He will definitely have a desire to do something similar, “look behind the screen” and see what you so desire. And then meet your man, who will start a game that brings only pleasure.

The film is perceived very easily, without having any heavy twists and turns. It is complemented by a very atmospheric picture and music. The latter, by the way, perfectly conveys the feeling of the episode. The picture belongs to that section of cinema when you want to watch (or review) something special, but it is very difficult to make a choice. The film can also be reviewed and it will not become less interesting because of this, because the plot in it is quite predictable. It is able to cause excitement, pleasure, enjoyment and joy. That is why he manages to keep the viewer in a slight tension. No wonder it’s good for a romantic evening. After him, you will definitely want something “such”. After all, the film allows you not to load the brain with thoughts, but to set it in the right way. While the movie doesn’t get too many positive reviews, it’s good. In addition, it is perfect for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey. With the only difference – in “Wild Orchid” we see a psychological game with rather banal physics. And in the “shades” – physical games without a particularly intriguing psychological impact.

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