The Trial of the Chicago 7 Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The American court drama The Trial of the Chicago Seven (2020) is a motion picture that reveals the details of the Chicago Seven case. This story is about a group that protested against the Vietnam War. Members of this small detachment were accused of conspiracy, which caused considerable unrest. The film received many positive reviews from film critics. But what is the meaning of the tape “Trial of the Chicago Seven”?

1968 Chicago. The demonstrators actively defended their positions, which led to clashes with law enforcement officers. The police managed to contain seven of the most participants, who were presented before the court. They were seriously charged. It was assumed that these participants staged a conspiracy against the American government.

This story is based on real events. America is mired in the Vietnam War. Military operations bring nothing but losses. The resentment among the population is growing. People are starting to demonstrate. Seven organizers of the riots became participants in the unfolding judicial drama. This case caused a wide resonance. The film also uses documentary materials.

The characters of the film tried to defend their rights. They waged a difficult struggle for their ideas, in which the winner was determined in advance. The government could not go against itself. Throughout the film “The Trial of the Chicago Seven” the audience does not leave the feeling of injustice. People begin to empathize, sympathize with the characters. However, not everything was so clear. Some of the actions of the main characters are difficult to explain.

The meaning of the film “The Trial of the Chicago Seven” is that, using a good example, the audience can see how people at that difficult time fought for their rights and thoughts. Residents of the city wanted to defend their point of view, to indicate their position. But the government didn’t want them to come forward. The legal proceedings lasted five months. Some meetings were more like a circus. However, a direct and straightforward film tells about the fate of real people and their desire to prove their case.

There are no exclusively positive characters in the film. Each character has both advantages and disadvantages. Some of them got into the Chicago Seven quite by accident. They were not the organizers of the riots. However, they also had to participate in the trial. The main attention of the filmmakers focused on the trial. They did not delve into the bloody showdown that reigned on the streets of the city. The director of the film was interested in exactly how the detainees would behave in court. It was an intellectual battle. The characters from the Accused Seven wanted to be brave and daring. They wanted to prove to everyone that it is unacceptable to judge for thoughts.

The trial of the Chicago Seven was a significant event for the entire country. After a while, it will be recognized as a kind of symbol of discrimination and injustice. The attention of the American public in 1968 was focused on this controversial case.

The Trial of the Chicago Seven combines drama and comedy. Some scenes teetered on the brink of absurdity. But in reality, theatricality was even more. By the will of the accused, the court session was turned into a farce. Those who were about to be behind bars were not ready to put up with it. Their behavior defies logical explanation. Members of the group do not take into account the opinions of others, or the opinion of the prosecutor, or the opinion of the judge. The accused seem to be allowed to do whatever they want. The characters openly demonstrated their arrogance and arrogance.

Even despite all the controversial actions committed by the accused, the viewer still stands on their side. The script for the film was written by Aaron Sorkin, who has already become recognized as an outstanding author of the “conversational genre”. The dialogues in the movie carry a deep meaning. The film was also directed by Aaron Sorkin. Throughout the film “The Trial of the Chicago Seven” the audience is constantly watching the events unfolding on the screen. The dynamic and exciting story that took place in 1968 is still relevant today.

A strong, complex film, The Trial of the Chicago Seven is a story about free speech and the value of human life. The amazing play of the cast ensured the success of the film. There is a court. Each of the accused seven has its own goals and interests. The director showed only selected days from a long five-month trial. One of the characters in the film openly mocks what is happening. The smirk doesn’t leave his face. A strange atmosphere prevails in the court, which speaks of the absurdity of the whole case. The bias of the judge is astonishing. He was initially opposed to the organizers of the riots. This character has become a kind of personification of the judicial system. It cannot be called humane, understanding. The prosecutor, on the other hand, was an ordinary family man, who alone had to confront the ambiguous defendants. A vivid motion picture deserves the attention of viewers interested in documentary stories and court dramas.

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