Predestination Movie Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The thriller Predestination (Time Patrol) was released on television in 2014. The basis for the film was the work of the American science fiction writer R. Heinlein “You are all zombies.” The main theme played out in the film is one of the paradoxes that can arise during time travel, namely the paradox of predestination. This paradox is due to the fact that attempts to influence time eventually turn against the one who tries to change it and leads to the opposite result than the one that the time traveler was counting on.

The plot analysis of the movie Predestination

From the first minutes of watching the film, we see how an agent of a certain Provisional Agency named John Doe moves into the past. His goal is to stop a dangerous villain-terrorist, nicknamed Pshik the Demoman. John manages to prevent the terrorist actions of the criminal, but as a result, his face is badly damaged.

Fluff escapes from the scene of the explosion, and John Doe returns to his native time, where he undergoes facial surgery and is eventually restored. But there is one thing – now John looks like a completely different person, and his voice is also new. John’s autobiography is simple – born, educated, and eventually spotted by a secret organization calling itself the Time Bureau. John is offered to become an agent of the Bureau, and without hesitation, he agrees.

During its activity, the Bureau destroyed many temporary criminals, and even more prevented terrorist attacks and other types of violence. After being discharged, John is sent on his last mission, after which his superiors promise him an honorary pension. The agent travels to the 1970s. Here, his former version works as a Bartender in one of the bars in New York.

The bar is frequented by a strange visitor who calls herself a Single Mother, who tells all sorts of strange stories about her life. The single mother turns out to be a girl named Jane, who was born in an orphanage.

Having matured, she is selected for flights into outer space, but she is suspended. It turns out that they find female and male genital organs in her. Later, Jane becomes pregnant by a stranger, after which this type leaves her and disappears in an unknown direction.

Predicting difficult childbirth, doctors decide on extra organs. As a result, the birth is successful, but the heroine’s baby is kidnapped from the hospital. Lacking female genital organs, Jane changes her name to John and becomes a writer under the pseudonym Single Mother. The time agent offers his help to John/Jane.

Together, they travel to the past, where a waiter gives past John a gun to shoot Jane’s past attacker and save her baby.

However, when the former Agent sees Jane, he realizes that he was the unknown. Meanwhile, the agent moves to the future year 1964, where he repeats the sequence described by Jane in the bar – he kidnaps her child and moves him to 1945, to one of the orphanages in which Jane herself grew up.

After which, he goes after John and tells him that now Jane and John are living in a time loop, and they need to continue their work.

Together, they travel to the time agent’s home time, where a former version of John joins the Time Bureau, replacing the real John.

The hero travels to the past in order to meet the Demoman and find out the background of what is happening. Returning, he finds the Demoman and after talking with him, he realizes that the Demoman is his future copy. To prevent his own becoming a Demoman, he kills a terrorist.

The meaning of the movie Predestination

The main question that is asked as a refrain in the film is “Can you change the time at your own discretion?” and what are the consequences of such actions.

The film gives a clear answer to this question. The events of the past cannot be changed, they will forever be preserved in time.

And attempts to rewrite the past will ultimately hit the one who decided to change time, and in a way that he did not expect.

Changing the past has always been a tempting idea for humanity, but very often we see how, instead of actually changing the situation for the better, it just repeats itself in a circle. Or even the usual reality disappears, and the world plunges into chaos, where there is no stability and confidence in anything.

Thus, the film clearly warns against careless games with time, as such actions can lead to disaster.

Predestination movie ending

The movie ends with the Agent killing the Demoman.

A possible ending remains behind the scenes, but there are two versions of the development of further events.

First. The agent begins to use the time machine and gradually turns into the Demoman himself. The story closes, and all events begin to repeat themselves in a new way, or if the Demolition Man manages to destroy the Bureau, then history will follow a different time loop. Second. The agent destroys the time machine. In this case, he will disappear from reality, because he broke the cycle of turning himself into a Demoman, and stopped all the actions that he performed while he was a Bureau Agent.

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