The Bothersome Man Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The film The Bothersome Man (2006) tells the story of a young man. who ends up in a city where all the people are very friendly. He easily finds a good office job and begins to live quietly in this heavenly place. Such a utopian world was created on purpose. Many people want to be in such a city. How to be where dreams come true, how to be in the world of glamour? This is a real American Pleasantville.

It can be said that life in such a place is an endless television commercial or lottery show. There are programs where the participants just sit at the tables, a beautiful melody plays, and a beautiful girl of model appearance spins a drum or some kind of mechanism. And then she takes out tickets at random from there or looks at the numbers of the dropped balls. And people check their numbers. Another similar atmosphere reigns in large luxury stores and in any similar shopping centers. There, of course, it is necessary to create such an atmosphere that people would buy goods and spend their money on a lottery ticket.

Advertising hypnotizes, makes a person think that if he chews gum or uses dishwashing detergent, the world will really become beautiful. To take part in the holiday, a person begins to buy and buy. It is already becoming a means of self-expression. Thus, in this case, an ideal positive atmosphere is created for a person to start spending his money. But here we can conclude that this is generally possible. That people are really capable of it. They can create a perfect world for themselves. Who will work then? There is no glamour in work. The beautiful things that surround us come from dark, hot factories. Plastics and metals are melted in them, various things are assembled in assembly shops.

But this work has long been automated. People are needed in order to control processes. Yes, indeed, there are places where movers are needed, who will pack goods, unload trucks with vegetables and do other work. However, soon these places will be occupied by robots, as scientific and technological progress is inexorable. What will happen to people? There is a fear that machines will destroy people. But according to Isaac Asimov, they will have three laws of robotics, according to which they cannot destroy people. And what will it turn into? Probably the matrix shown in the movie The Matrix.

Where people slept in cocoons, and their consciousness was in the virtual world. Perhaps such a matrix will be created by machines, since they will not be able to kill a person, unless, of course, they bypass this software prohibition. One way or another, but according to the movie The Bothersome Man, an ideal city was created where you can find a good job, and the people are all kind and polite.

According to the story, a guy named Andreas Ramsfjell gets into the city. He has long been tired of living with people who constantly grumble, treat him hostilely, swear, hate the whole world. Everywhere crime, chaos. There is nothing good in life. One day he was riding the subway, and next to him people were kissing. But there was something wrong with their appearance. Something Andreas did not like, and he decided to leave. What did he do ? He sees a train moving along the subway rails. He took it and jumped under it. Perhaps it will be better for him and others. And what ? Now it’s all over.

After his suicide, a young man finds himself in a bus that is traveling through a field. He goes to the gas station, after the bus stops. There he meets a polite man who puts him in his car and transports him to a certain city. There is not a single evil person in this village. All are good there. Their appearance is very beautiful and resembles photographs from glamorous magazines. The city is too perfect to be real. Andreas is provided with housing, given a job in an office that belongs to a large company. The work is very easy, but the pay is high.

Andreas meets a girl who has a perfect appearance. He also has a mistress. But Andreas does not like this world, as he is deprived of his usual sensations. He cannot smell the real smell, feel the real taste of food, and there are no other sensations, including emotions. In addition, everyone here is an adult, no children. The city is not on the map. Andreas can’t kill himself again, because you can’t physically hurt yourself. There are other similar things.

As a result, Andreas begins to reject such a world. I recall the words of Agent Smith from The Matrix, that the machines realized that the world for people cannot be ideal. There must be flaws, without which one cannot live. What is the meaning of the film? Maybe the world cannot be too ideal for people. They will reject such a world. The film then serves as an illustration of Agent Smith’s words from The Matrix. So where is humanity going?

If in the world of robots, then there, perhaps, it will be so. Especially in a world where humanity will be asleep, a physical solution will be injected into the vein, drowning out the feeling of hunger. Consciousness will be in the virtual world, where everything will be perfect. Perhaps people will again then come to the understanding that there can be no ideal. And again we are told about this in the film The Bothersome Man. Indeed, it is worth mentioning this. The film is a must-see.

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