Fracture Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Willie Beachum is a talented lawyer. With a man who has committed a cold-blooded crime, he is drawn into a game called “cat and mouse.”

What is Gregory Hoblit’s Fracture about?

Theodore Crawford is a wealthy businessman. He commits a crime of jealousy. Having caught his wife with another man, he puts a bullet in the head of an unfaithful wife in his own house. After that, he fires several shots into the air, then calmly remains in place and waits for the arrival of the police. Even an investigation is not necessary, because no one has any doubts that the owner of the house is the killer. Theodore gave a written confession to the crime. But here’s the behavior of the defendant is not quite normal. By the way, the committed crime did not lead to the death of a woman. She survived, but is in critical condition.

Willie Beachum has been named prosecutor in the attempted murder case. He is ambitious. Plans to climb up the ladder by becoming a successful lawyer. He has no doubts about victory. I am sure that it will not be difficult for him to win this case, because everything is so obvious and easy in it. He communicates with the defendant, more and more immersed in the study of the details of this case. But it begins to seem to him much more difficult than he initially thought. Willie realizes that something is definitely wrong with this suspect…

Mr Crawford is very calm and confident. He assures that he does not need support as a lawyer. He also refuses additional privileges and behaves in an unnaturally strange way. Research manipulations lead the investigator to unexpected information: the defendant’s weapon is clean. I mean, he didn’t shoot his wife. It turns out that there is not the slightest trace of blood on the clothes, and there are no traces of gunpowder on the hands.

Everyone is perplexed: if Theodore did not leave the house, then somewhere is the weapon from which they still fired. And who was shooting? The young lawyer is sure that the weapon from which they shot should be looked for in the house, it is somewhere there. But a search of the house again yielded no results.

Willie comes to understand that they are playing an intricate game with him, which was planned in advance to the smallest detail. He is immersed in this game. All his forces are thrown into the search for material evidence. The young lawyer often visits Mr. Crawford’s wife at the clinic. He hopes that she will soon regain consciousness and solve the mystery, be able to tell who shot her.

Theodore keeps a close eye on Willie throughout the trial. He manages to find the weak spot of a young man – the winner’s syndrome. Mr. Crawford, as a result of his cold-blooded, calculating and thoughtful game, challenges Beachum. He manages to achieve a turning point in the impudent character of a lawyer.

Details are revealed that lead to a scandal. Theodore’s wife had a lover, a police officer. It was this person who interrogated the suspect. As a result of the scandal, previous charges have to be cancelled. Allegedly, they were obtained as a result of pressure exerted on the suspect. The accused is acquitted and released from custody.

Crawford is jubilant. As if nothing had happened, he returns home. His plans do not include the possible recovery of his wife’s consciousness. After all, in this case, she will tell about everything when she comes to her senses. To prevent this from happening, Theodore ensures that Jennifer is disconnected from the apparatus.

Fracture Movie Ending Explained: What’s The Clue?

It would seem that everything is over. Crawford won, he’s jubilant. But when he comes home, he unexpectedly finds Willy Beachum there. He solemnly declares that he was able to solve everything.

As it turned out, Crawford got into the house of his lover’s wife. There he changed the gun, from which he shot at Jennifer. While the police were driving to the scene of the crime, he was able to switch weapons again. Theodore admitted that Willie had figured him out.

The lawyer managed to ensure that the criminal was charged again, but in a different matter. Jennifer is dead, so Mr. Crawford can be charged with murder.

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