Belfast Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The autobiographical drama Belfast (2021) is a story about memories. In the center of the storyline is Buddy, who is only 9 years old. The boy is in the capital of Northern Ireland, where at that time there is a fierce Civil War. It was 1969. But the little hero is not alone. He was surrounded by close and dear people. Everyone, if necessary, is ready to lend a helping hand to the character. However, soon Buddy will have to make a difficult choice, on which his whole future life will depend.

A nine-year-old boy is forced to exist in conditions far from his ideas of an ideal childhood. His fairy-tale world collapsed in an instant, reality changed beyond recognition. An incredible sincere, lyrical story gets into the heart of the viewer with its sincerity and touchingness.

Belfast is a place with which childhood memories are associated. The characters do not report it as a real city. For heroes, Belfast is a symbol of warmth and comfort. He is the source of light. But unfortunately, the actors had to leave it. And this transition did not go unnoticed. In this place they had to leave a piece of their soul, their heart. Something they have completely lost forever.

Throughout the film, viewers hear the question more than once: “What exactly do you want?”. It is the desire of the character himself that comes to the fore. The feelings and thoughts of the characters do not always coincide. But they have one thing in common. The main thing is that their loved ones are nearby. They don’t want to leave their families. The characters learned the power of human unity. Family for them is the most important thing in life. Heroes know that no one can replace loved ones. The point of the Belfast film is to show the audience the main value of a person.

The whole movie is memories that cannot be associated with any particular character. A blurry personality, a ghost town that is difficult to find on a geographic map. The creators of the tape wanted to show how children perceive the world around them. It is worth noting that some of what is told is not a real story, but a figment of the imagination, someone’s fantasy. Some memories are distorted by various factors. This is a love for cowboy films, and a naive view of the world, and faith in justice.

The authors of the tape seemed to lift the veil of secrecy hiding in the main character. This deeply personal story makes viewers feel the boy. It is no secret that children perceive reality differently. They have not yet met with betrayal and deceit. The character trusts people, he does not expect any stab in the back. And parents want their child to stay in a prosperous and happy world as long as possible. When he grows up, he will have to overcome obstacles on his own, cope with troubles. On his life path there will be many problems and difficulties. However, while he is small, relatives have the opportunity to protect the boy, to fill his childhood with bright colors.

The family made superhuman efforts to save the character from the cruelty prevailing around. Close people are fighting for the boy’s happy childhood. It’s a tough fight with no clear winners or losers. But the viewer understands that the power of a loving heart is almost limitless. Parents realized that childhood leaves a significant imprint on the future fate of the child.

The film “Belfast” is a story about love for the family, about the meaning of human existence. Through the prism of a particular cell of society, viewers see the events that took place during a difficult war period. Every person makes many choices in their life. Sometimes he needs to make such a difficult decision that he does not even know where to start. He constantly postpones, reschedules dates. But it cannot go on like this for long. In order not to regret the decision made, it is important to weigh the pros and cons. The message of Belfast is also that there is no right choice. There is only the choice made and its consequences. Nobody wants to make a mistake. Especially if almost everything is at stake.

The family presented in the film was almost exemplary. Its members valued and respected each other. They cared about their neighbor, listened to the desires and requests. But even in such a sensitive, strong family, it is impossible to predict what will happen tomorrow. A cozy sweet home, quiet family evenings, casual conversations with your family. This is what is called true happiness. But when it comes to the safety of someone close, the human brain starts to work differently. This film is not only about childhood memories. The film “Belfast” is a story about self-sacrifice, about touching relationships between family members.

The filmmakers seem to have allowed the audience to look behind the scenes of the character’s personal life. The story speaks of the innermost, which is hidden in the human soul. Sometimes these secrets cannot be shared even with close friends. This is the tragedy of a single family, carried through several generations. The authors of the project paid special attention to the inner feelings of the characters. The audience seemed to feel the pain of the protagonist.

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