The Devil Wears Prada Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The Devil Wears Prada is a sweet comedy about glamor with a beautiful picture, which also tells about the reverse side of fashion. Despite this, the fashion from the inside was shown to us poorly, and the comedy turned into drama in places, which makes the film slightly slurred. However, Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt saved the situation.

What is the movie about and does it make sense?

Andea Sachs is a graduate of one of the best universities in the country and a very aspiring journalist. Having moved to New York, she is faced with the problem of all beginners – they do not take her anywhere. As a result, she finds a place as a junior assistant to the editor-in-chief of New York’s leading glamorous magazine, Podium, which she later repeatedly regretted. The girl does not look like the glamorous employees of the magazine, she is overweight and dresses like a journalist, and not a picture from the Podium magazine, therefore they openly laugh at her. But this is half the trouble.

Working under the guidance of an inadequate and tough editor turned out to be something between hell and a madhouse. The girl is not just a secretary, she is a whipping girl and the legs of Miranda’s chief editor. It so happened that most of the film we see Andrea on the run. Miranda herself, although not a gift, but in fact, is also a woman. She is going through a hard divorce from her second husband and spoils her twin daughters very much. In one of the episodes, the main character must get the manuscript of a new Harry Potter book for the girls, and long before the book goes to print.

With the help of a new friend, the writer Christian, the girl copes with an unrealistic task. After that, she believed in herself and received some approval from her boss. The appearance of the heroine is also changing: the creative director of the magazine, Nigel, who is infinitely devoted to Miranda and his work, takes on her appearance and wardrobe. Over time, Andy learns to understand the trends and is drawn into a glamorous life: parties, balls, dating the powerful.

As Andy’s career goes up and the scale goes down, she ruins relationships with friends (who are really just jealous of her) and a cook guy who just doesn’t understand what his lover does so much time at her job. and why she chose a glamorous party over his birthday. As a result, she breaks up with her beloved.

Miranda decides to take Andy to Paris for Haute Couture Week instead of her head assistant, Emily. Andrea is faced with a serious choice, because Emily has been dreaming about this trip for a single year and even lost weight specifically for this. As a result, Emily is hit by a car and everything is decided by itself.

Emily Christian, a new acquaintance, is also going to Paris.

Here Andy learns about the intrigue, as a result of which Miranda was to be removed from her position and replaced with Jacqueline, the director of the French version of Podium. As it turned out, Miranda was well aware of all the undercover games. In the end, she turned everything in her favor. Afterwards, Miranda tells Andy that they are very similar. The main character throws the phone into the fountain and leaves the editorial office. The new junior assistant is told that she has taken the place of an invaluable employee.

What is the meaning of the film?

The meaning of the film “The Devil Wears Prada”: the anthem of the era of glamor.

The first is that you need to pay attention to the warning signs. If you come to a new job. At the very beginning, Emily tells Andy that two girls in a row have quit their job as junior assistant in the last few weeks. Already on the basis of this, you can understand what kind of work it is.

Secondly, the film is that all your efforts will be rewarded. The main character was determined to go to the bitter end and in the end got what she did not expect.

In addition, the film is about what is met after all by clothes. The attitude towards the girl in the editorial office changed after she joined the trends.

And also a film about the fact that work should not interfere with personal life and destroy it.

What is the meaning of the ending

In the finale, the main character quits Podium and gets a new job. This time, the one she dreamed about – she becomes a journalist. The new boss tells Andy that he has received a message from Miranda that Andy has disappointed Miranda more than any other assistant and that she should definitely be hired.

The point of this story is that any experience turns out to be valuable in the end. While working with Miranda, Andy developed as a person and became ready for any, even the most unexpected, turns in her career.

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