Revolver Review: What Does the Ending of Mean?

The meaning of the film Revolver (2005): explanation of the plot & ending. The genre of the film “Revolver” is a crime thriller. There are no good and bad guys in it. Both the main character and the antagonist have all messed up in their lives. How to stop in time? How to understand and accept what you cannot change? To what extent can excitement and greed consume your soul? The meaning of the film “Revolver” is not in gambling, it lies in people.

Description of the story

The plot of the film “Revolver” revolves around the main character Jake Green, who recently got out of prison. He got there 7 years ago because of an unpleasant story.

The city hosted illegal gambling, dangerous, but bringing a huge income. The organizer was the head of the criminal gang boss Maka. On the eve of one of the games, he lost his man and was looking for a replacement for him. The bandits began to put pressure on the hero, threatening to kill Jake’s brother and his family. The main character had no choice but to accept the offer.

Green won, and that was the start of everything. After the game, the two gamblers did not get along, and a shootout broke out at the table. At this time, the money that was at stake disappeared. Further development of the plot leads to tragic consequences: the brother’s wife is killed, and Green himself ends up in prison.

In the zone, the hero meets two very useful people:

  • One is a divorce specialist.
  • The second is a chess master.

The cunning mind of the former and the strategic thinking of the latter help Green create a unique winning formula that allows him to win in any game. Upon his release from prison, Jack Green is ready to take revenge.

In the two years since his release, Green has won game after game, ruining Mack more and more. The hero is assisted by his brother as a financier. Having reached the casino of the boss himself, Green finds himself at the same table with him. Mac loses a large amount of money, he is worried about this turn of events and orders his guys to kill Green.

But the main character, by chance, ends up in the hospital, where he is diagnosed with a serious illness that is about to end his life. After the hospital, the assassin still finds a way to Green, kills all his people, but Jake manages to escape.

He meets Zack and his partner Avi. Those for saving a life put a condition on Green: they want to take money from the hero, and demand that everything be done as they see fit. They philosophically try to convey to him that his main enemy is his own ego.

Ending and hidden meaning

How did the movie “Revolver” end? Zack and Avi pulled their own scam. They didn’t get “dirty” on their own, but through Green’s hands they drove Boss Maku crazy. And at the same time, they prepared a good worker for themselves, setting him on the path of “enlightenment.”

The meaning of the film “Revolver” is revealed in the finale, at the meeting of two characters who competed with each other throughout the film, this is Green and Mac. The first one came out the winner, despite the fact that he volunteered money for the boss. He entered him liberated, enlightened. Mack drowned in his own fears and ended up committing suicide.

Guy Ritchie shot a deep work, which, along with entertainment and famously twisted plot, also provides food for thought. All those who are suffering, hungry for money, embittered and lonely need to make a choice: go bow to the golden calf, give their soul to be torn apart by revenge, or move through thorns towards the light.

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