The Dreamers Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The role of many films is to broaden one’s horizons in an aesthetic and intellectual sense. However, the film “The Dreamers” (2003) does not carry such a function. Its purpose is to show the relationship between parents and children, to reveal the positive and negative sides. Some viewers of the film “The Dreamers” will consider anti-moral. Others will stop watching after the first explicit scene. But there are those who can find deep meaning in the film. What is the purpose of the director presenting his work to the audience? Let’s try to figure it out.

The meaning of the film “The Dreamers”

The theme of the relationship between parents and children. It causes a lot of controversy and gossip. How to do the right thing, and how absolutely not? This question is often asked by each of the parties. In the film “The Dreamers” we will not find a direct answer to this question. It can only be felt, realized on an intuitive level.

Why do parents “launch” their children in such a way? What mistakes did they make in their upbringing? Let’s figure it out. The main characters are Siamese twins. They know absolutely everything about each other. They are not shy and do not complex. Parents have failed to instill basic truths in their children. Perhaps they were sorry, trying to give their best. The “whip” method was clearly not accepted in their house. Parents left their children to “go with the flow”. What this led to, each viewer saw for himself.

The meaning of the film “The Dreamers” is to show that the responsibility for raising children always lies on the shoulders of parents. Moral foundations must be laid in the family. You can not “push” it to the school, higher institutions, society. A parent for his child should become an authority that I would like to be equal to.

The director did not deprive the attention of the theme of love. The guy met a girl who west into his soul. All thoughts are occupied only by her. The girl also feels sympathy for the new boyfriend. A spark ran between them, but the young man still does not know what “skeletons in the closet” the heroine keeps. The Dreamers is a story about moral values. The guy, having learned about the relationship between his brother and sister, had to immediately leave their house. However, he stayed. He even accepted the rules of their game. The film erased the line that should not be crossed under any circumstances.

This is not a deeply immoral film. No. Young people are just confused. They don’t know how to do the right thing. Nobody taught them this. Since childhood, they have been left to their own devices. Sister and brother. They learned to love the way they could. Parents should have noticed the strange behavior of loved ones. The first bell rang when the sister and brother began to smoke in front of their parents. But no one paid attention to this. No one told the heroes that it was impossible to do this. For them, it has become the norm. Further more.

There are many explicit scenes in the film “Dreamers”. Like naked children’s souls, the heroes appear before the audience. They are internally “mutilated”. They are left to their fate from an early age. Even the meeting of the heroine with the guy did not turn their worldview upside down. They are entangled in the whirlpool of life. Parents simply withdrew themselves, they threw off all responsibility.

The meaning of the finale of the film “The Dreamers”

The film “Dreamers” is not a show of exclusively explicit scenes. The issue is much deeper than that. Parents and children were unable to establish contact. Each of them cannot approach the other and talk about their problems. Kids just don’t respect their parents. The father – the head of the family – in fact, is not at all like that. He is disrespected by his own children.

At the end of the film, an unpleasant picture appears before the audience. Parents returned home and found the whole trinity in an embrace. What did they do? They dispersed everyone, saying that it was impossible to do this? No. They left just as quietly as they entered. Did they consider this behavior normal? No. They just didn’t want to get involved. It was convenient for parents to leave everything as it is. This is the position of insecure notorious people.

The film “The Dreamers” shows what not to do. The unexpected ending put everything in its place. You can’t live immorally. Not even because society will not understand you, condemn you, but because of itself. A person will never be happy if he adheres to immoral principles. A person will never reach significant heights in his life if he disrespects his parents. These are the laws of nature that cannot be broken. But the blame cannot be placed entirely on the children. Parents did not stand to convey moral foundations to their daughter and son. It is foolish to believe that children themselves will learn everything about the relationships of loved ones.

The meaning of the finale of the film “The Dreamers” is that the moral education of children should be given great importance. Otherwise, they will turn out to be adults capable of immoral acts. Common sense and conscience should always prevail over momentary feelings and fleeting desires. You need to know and understand well the principles of relationships between family members. After all, parents and children are the closest people who should respect and appreciate each other.

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