Hidden Meaning of Inception: Why The Ending Is Perfect?

The modern consumer is hard to surprise with a good film. But the picture of Nolan’s Inception was able to excite the minds of the audience. A polished script that breaks the brain, incredible graphics, a stellar cast and an open ending make you watch the picture again and again. The meaning of the film Inception “does not bite through” the first time, but that’s the beauty of it, right?

Description of the story

The plot of the film “Inception” is very dynamic. It takes a lot of effort to keep track of developments.

Sweet Dreams

According to the scenario, the team of spies has a goal – to obtain the necessary information from the object, by introducing a certain idea into the human mind. They act through dreams, using a special technology that allows you to penetrate other people’s dreams to several people at once. They create completely new “parallel” worlds there. For spies, every action is scheduled down to the second. Deviate from the script one step – and failure is guaranteed.

On a note! The filming involved: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levvit, Marion Cotillard and other eminent actors. Their amazing performance complemented the unique scenario.

Everything would have gone much easier, but the main character Cobb has long been mired in his own illusions and guilt over the death of his wife Mol. In the course of the action of the picture, espionage tasks are tightly intertwined with his past. A significant part of the picture is devoted to his memories, experiences and attempts to rediscover himself.

Perfect unreality

Once upon a time, for Cobb and Maul, exploring their dreams was a fun pastime. They built their own ideal world. But it was very different from the real one. They spent too much time there. At some point, the woman ceased to distinguish between illusion and real life. The hero of Leonardo DiCaprio convinced her to leave dreams.

Interesting! Nolan began work on the script back in the 2000s. However, at that time he was not sure that he would be able to film it qualitatively.

Mol could no longer believe in the reality of what was happening and decided to make a release. This is a sharp exit from a dream that occurred if a person died in a dream. She committed suicide in front of the protagonist, for which he blamed himself. Suspicions of her death fell on him. Therefore, Cobb was forced to hide and could not return to their children with Maul.

An interesting element of the film is the totem, which allowed the wanderer in a dream to distinguish illusion from reality. Mol had a top: if he was spinning non-stop, then she was in a dream, if he fell according to the laws of physics, this is a reality. This little detail ends the movie.

Ending and hidden meaning

The ending of the film still raises a lot of questions. The director deliberately left it “incomplete”. At the moment when his children run towards the main character, he launches his spinning top to once again check whether this is a dream or reality. Whether the top has stopped or not is not shown to us. Therefore, half of the audience believes that Cobb has forever remained in the world of illusions. The other hopes that the happy ending of the reunion of the hero with the children happened in reality.

A detailed analysis of seemingly imperceptible details still allows us to draw some conclusions regarding the finale:

  • So, for example, in scenes from a dream, you can see a wedding ring on Cobb’s hand. But in real life – it is absent, as in the last scene of the film.
  • In addition, in the film itself, it is not clear whether the children from the last scene have grown up or not, are they wearing different clothes? But according to the participants in the filming process, different actors play in the end than at Inception, which allows us to conclude that the children have changed, which is basically impossible in the world of illusions.
  • The most important argument in favor of reality remains the appearance of Cobb’s father-in-law in the final scene. He does not travel in dreams, and therefore cannot appear in the illusion of the protagonist.

Nolan himself believes that the meaning of the film “Inception” is not in answering the question: is the ending a reality or an illusion? The director urges the viewer to pay attention to the fact that the main character has finally allowed himself to be happy, discarding the past and feeling guilty for what happened. It does not matter to him whether the top falls or not, because he realized that his reality is next to the children.

Definitely, the film “Inception” has deservedly taken a leading position among the best films for several years. Nolan once said that the film is a “collective” dream, so who knows, maybe we were inspired by something.

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