The Intouchables Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

A wheelchair-bound aristocrat, Philippe, is looking for an assistant. Not everyone can cope with such work, so lengthy interviews are arranged for candidates. Philip is rich, applicants are lining up. Among the crowd of nurses, nurses and nannies who want to get a job is Driss, a guy from the street, recently released from prison. Driss only needs unemployment benefits, but the aristocrat offers the job to him.

What came of it?

A wonderful touching story about male friendship, the will to live, the unrestrained striving for the best, despite the difficulties. The film is based on real events, which undoubtedly adds to its appeal. The meaning of the film The Intouchables is relevant for everyone: you need to live at the behest of the heart, and not be guided by stereotypes. After viewing, the viewer learns valuable life lessons about friendship, mutual assistance, self-confidence, striving for the best. The film is filled with interesting quotes that you want to memorize.

It would seem that the story of a disabled person cannot be funny, but it is told easily and with sparkling humor, which turns it into a comedy, touching and lively.

The plot of the film is quite simple: an aristocrat hires a poor immigrant as his assistant, and a friendship develops between them. At the same time, each of the characters learns something from the other, adopts the best. Heart-to-heart talks, funny adventures, lessons of responsibility and courage – all this is in the film. After the end of the Driss contract, the aristocrat falls into despondency. Driss visits his friend and brings him back to life again. And then he arranges a date with his girlfriend, from which Philip cannot escape. The fear of being rejected because of a wheelchair did not materialize, a real relationship is established between him and his chosen one, which lead to a happy family life.

Happy ending, beautiful and meaningful.

The meaning of the film The Intouchables is that one cannot be biased towards a person and be guided by stereotypes. Too often we stigmatize people and don’t give them a chance to change their impression of us. The heroes of the film are just distinguished by the ability to treat others with an open mind. Philip is not embarrassed by the criminal past of his assistant, and Driss does not seem to notice his friend’s wheelchair. This is the fertile ground on which their friendship grows.

Driss brings a reckless desire for life into the measured existence of a wealthy aristocrat. He does not feel sorry for his employer, sometimes forgets about his helplessness and even makes fun of him. Sometimes such jokes are on the verge of black humor, but Philip is not offended: Driss is one of the few who treats him as an equal, does not label him as disabled. This is how a real friendship develops between two completely different people. Philip introduces his assistant to the world of art and classical music, and he, in turn, introduces weed and hot masseuses.

Philip doesn’t just give Driss a job. It gives him a chance of a new life with a decent legal income, dreams of the future, an opportunity to show his best side. And the guy from the street uses this chance one hundred percent. If at the beginning of the film he only wanted to receive unemployment benefits, then by the end he finds a job. The world of Driss has changed and will never be the same again.

Philippe’s life before the appearance of Driss is subject to medical procedures and routine. He tries to be prudent and pragmatic in everything, realizing his limited capabilities. The modern level of medicine and money will allow him to live to old age, but this is the life of a disabled person, for whom many opportunities of our world are inaccessible. Driss is pushing the limits for his friend. Walking through the city at night, a new high-speed wheelchair, trips at breakneck speed and even paragliding are an incomplete list of what goes into the life of a paralyzed aristocrat. He again begins to feel the taste of life, to enjoy it.

How can a disabled person build a relationship with a woman? Philip asks this question. He communicates with a girl by correspondence, writes poetry to her, feels spiritual closeness … but he does not even dare to call her, let alone invite her on a date. And here Driss comes to the rescue again – he just calls and gives the phone to Philip, who willy-nilly has to talk to the girl. And everything is fine, but Philip escapes from the appointed date, because he does not dare to tell his chosen one the truth about his physical condition.

Other assistants do not understand Philip, they treat him like a helpless invalid or a child. But he does not need pity and compassion, he needs real human friendship, life without restrictions. And they are again trying to shove it into the framework of the existence of a person with disabilities. Human sympathy and pity mean that people see in him primarily a disabled person, and not a person, thereby depriving him of normal communication.

The meaning of the ending of the movie The Intouchables

The ending inspires optimism and faith in the best, despite the difficulties. The fear of being rejected because of a wheelchair did not materialize, a real relationship is established between him and the chosen one, which lead to a happy family life.

The meaning of the ending is that you must not lose faith in yourself under any circumstances. Sometimes only our own fear separates us from the fulfillment of our deepest desires. It is worth stepping over it in order to move towards the cherished goal. But where do you get the strength to take this difficult step? Sometimes we just need the help of friends who will support, help or even force us to overcome ourselves and face our fears face to face. And it’s just wonderful when there are such people next to us, as Driss and Philip turned out to be in the movie The Intouchables

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