WALL-E Ending Explained & Movie Summary

WALL-E (2008) is by far the best Pixar cartoon, with a lot of controversy and fan theories still generated today. Someone thinks that the cute robot WALL-E is a killer, and someone thinks that the plot of the cartoon is a veiled biblical parable about Adam and Eve.

Below we will try to figure out which theories about the cartoon “WALL-E” have at least some meaning, and which ones are really stupid, and also tell you about the hidden meaning of the cartoon. Go.

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Theory # 1: adorable robot WALL-E killer

frame from the cartoon “WALL-E”

The crazy theory that WALL-E is actually a cold-blooded killer who destroyed all the other robots just because they were doing their job and did not let him rummage through the trash has been surfing the Internet for a long time. In support of this theory, fans cite the plot of the film “Short Circuit” (1986), in which initially a combat robot, outwardly similar to WALL-E, due to a short laboratory circuit loses part of its memory and becomes kind. In their opinion, this is exactly what was radiated with WALL-I itself, just the opposite. But the fact that initially the robot scavenger did not have any positive or negative characteristics in its program does not stop the rampant minds of the fans.

The fact that at the beginning of the cartoon we see only him, and no one else, is due not only to simple geography, because the territory of his robots does not cover the entire Earth, but also to a simple plot move from the same “Short Circuit”. Having regained consciousness, WALL-E, in contrast to his programmed colleagues, stopped working beyond the norm, began to take an interest in his surroundings, watched a movie, equipped his dwelling, and collected what, in his opinion, interesting rubbish. As well as the combat robot Johnny 5 from “Short Circuit”, who became kind, getting into a friendly and interesting society of people, reading all kinds of books and watching movies.

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Theory # 2: WALL·E and EVE are Adam and Eve

frame from the cartoon “WALL·E”

Near future. People become slaves to technology, and rampant consumerism literally “drowns” them in the mountains of their own garbage. After leaving the planet due to the global environmental crisis, they take refuge in the giant spacecraft Axiom, sponsored by Buy-N-Large, a monopoly company that deprives people of moral values, turning them into even greater slaves than they were before. this.

Two adorable robots WALL·E (stands for earth-class garbage loader) and Eve (extraterrestrial vegetation appraiser) are analogs of the biblical Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve, according to the Abrahamic religions, are the first people created by God. After eating the fruit from the forbidden tree, Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden for disobedience.

In the first few minutes of the film, we watch the work of WALL-E, which collects garbage, compacts it and organizes it into compact garbage high-rise buildings. We do not see other robots, and it can be assumed that WALL-E’s loneliness is a direct reference to the loneliness of Adam, before he met Eve. And just like Adam, WALL-E is “cursed” for eternal work.

Megacorporation Buy-N-Large I am the Creator of WALL-E and EVA. The mission of the latter is to deliver proof of life to the Axiom – any plant. According to Genesis, Eve is a metaphor for a dove with an olive branch. While the giant spaceship “Axiom” veiled Noah’s Ark. The flood is worldwide pollution. Simply put, the biblical story of Noah, the Flood and the dove bringing the olive branch is a direct allusion to the fact that life on earth has been restored, and it is time to return home.

EVE delivers the found plant to the ship. But “Axiom”, in addition to references to the rescue ark, is also a fake Garden of Eden, because humanity on it is enslaved by technology, deprived of critical thinking, physical strength and free will. Therefore, Buy-N-Large is a false god, and EVE’s mission is to awaken degrading humanity and bring it back to the revived Mother Earth.

The seedling itself, which is stored in the EVA container, is an allusion to pregnancy.

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The hidden meaning of “WALL·I”

frame from the cartoon “WALL-E”

In addition to the strongest manifesto about the importance of protecting the environment, sorting garbage (after all, this is the smallest way you can help the planet) and the rational consumption of goods, the creators of WALL-E put some more strong references into the cartoon.

For example, the mega-corporation Buy-N-Large has dominated nearly every aspect of life on earth for centuries, including supplying and creating demand for gas, food, beverages, and technology.

The BnL Corporation controls every aspect of people’s lives, including the media and government. The concept of democracy and free will disappeared, as they were replaced by complete dependence on technology and slow degradation. A similar order of things can be found only in the pages of the works of the great dystopists such as George Orwell (1984) or Aldous Huxley (Brave New World). By the way, the work of the latter is as close as possible to the realities of life on the “Axiom” (the name of the ship literally means “a generally accepted principle or rule”).

This comparison, although not intended for the cartoon’s target audience, can still resonate in the minds of more mature and understanding viewers, as another reminder of the consequences that can arise from uncontrolled consumption and blind support from large corporations.

Despite the power of the corporation, the real control of the ship is the robot AUTO, an autopilot with a glowing red eye, and its first appearance is accompanied by the composition “On the Beautiful Blue Danube” by Johann Strauss, as a tribute to the computer HAL 9000 from “A Space Odyssey 2001”.

Just like HAL 9000, AUTO controls Axiom along with all robotic forces, including security and police. This process resembles a totalitarian regime in which democracy does not exist.

By analogy with the “Space Odyssey”, in which the only surviving member of the crew deactivates HAL 9000, the captain of the Axiom gets to his feet and turns off AUTO, thus demonstrating the superiority of the human race over primitive (within the universe) tools (AUTO computer) and a reward in the form of rebirth, or rather a return to Earth.

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WALL·E (2008) Explained – Video Review Analysis

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