The Hunt Ending Explained & Plot Summary

With the postponement of its release to 2020, The Hunt has become the most discussed and most controversial near-political film in recent years. Despite the fact that the visual series of “The Hunt” resembles a low-budget trash than a serious movie, and most of the characters are superficially spelled out or not spelled out at all, this film will be able to interest those who like to argue, discuss and delve into.

Below we will try to disassemble its hidden meaning, explain the ending and involvement in the story of George Orwell, which is already arousing considerable interest.

The plot of the The Hunt

frame from the movie “Hunt”

The plot of the “Hunt” begins with a demonstration of not very pleasant chat correspondence, during which some individuals discuss or even plan to hunt people. In the end, the correspondence is opened, its participants in high positions are fired, but we are postponed a year in advance. The action now revolves around a group of twelve strangers who wake up in an unnamed clearing in the forest. As soon as they find a box with weapons left by them, a hunt opens for the group. But one of the victims, a woman named Crystal, a former military man, does not give up and begins to hunt her own hunters herself.

The unsuccessful hunt organizers and the group from the chat at the beginning of the film are the same people. After a flurry of negative comments fell on their published correspondence, dismissals and loss of status, they decided to find those involved in its autopsy and punish.

Explanation of the ending of The Hunt

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The main character of The Hunt” the protagonist Crystal, who killed almost all the organizers of the hunt, ultimately turns out to be completely different from Crystal Justice4Yall who was involved in the publication of the correspondence. This is revealed during the final dialogue between the girl and the antagonist Athena, the ideological inspirer of the hunt. Their climactic battle ends with the death of the latter. Before her death, Athena once again asks Crystal about her membership in Justice4Yall, to which she again refuses (“Oops!”).

In the end, Crystal’s identity remains a mystery. Based on the main idea of ​​the film, the assumption that the girl was actually kidnapped by mistake sounds logical enough. And that’s why.

Thanks to the Internet, our society is able to spread news and information faster than any previous generation, and while there are tremendous advantages to this, there is also a high probability of errors, which inherently come at such a speed. Since some details are lost and opinions influence interpretations, chaos can have serious consequences, and the film illustrates this beautifully.

Such an Internet error led to the fact that instead of Crystal Gilpin, Athena’s group kidnapped Crystal May, a former military man who had gone through Afghanistan, whose training and skills not only saved the girl from a terrible death, but also allowed them to get even with their enemies literally “without leaving the cash register. “.

And here “Animal Farm”

Shot from the movie “The Hunt”

At the end of the film, during the final fight between Crystal and Athena, the latter calls her Snow, which is a direct reference to Snowy pig from George Orwell’s Animal Farm. A similar statement can be tied to the fact that Snowball from Animal Farm was the first leader of the resistance against the policy of Napoleon’s boar, aroused great sympathy among other animals, and had oratorical and military skills. In turn, Crystal says that Athena is more like Snowball than she, which is also the case, because the same Snowball became the ideological inspirer of the uprising against people while still a friend of Napoleon, invented the flag and the Scotism system (an allusion to communism).

Thus, Snowball, like the two competing political currents of the film, can be simultaneously ruled by the left, a favorite and a traitor, which is certainly reflected in the characters of the two main characters, it is only important from which side to look.

The meaning of the film The Hunt

Shot from the movie The Hunt

On the surface, The Hunt is a reimagining of The Most Dangerous Game, Richard Connell’s classic 1924 tale of rich people preying on the poor. But on closer examination, The Hunt departs from the canons of The Wild or even Battle Royale and begins to resemble a parable akin to George Orwell’s Animal Farm about what might happen if liberals begin to dehumanize each other; about what will happen if too violent discussion of politics online spills over into a real, no less violent world, to the point that supporters of specific movements begin to kill those who do not adhere to or disagree with their beliefs.

The only problem is that The Hunt does not want to show how and why the characters in the film form attachments to their political views. The film does not explain what factors led to such a political divide. For the same reason, most of the characters in The Hunt look stereotyped and do not evoke sympathy at all.

Ultimately, The Hunt is a nonsensical statement that ignoring both sides of a problem as equally bad is a good thing. This is not true. Moreover, saying that everyone has to work together to solve a problem and refusing to figure out why everyone is so angry in the first place is also not very good. Hopefully, this explanation was not too ambiguous, because like everyone else, you probably don’t need a satire that is fragile enough to make sure that poisonous online conversation is exactly this real evil.

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