Moon Meaning Movie & Plot Summary

The film Moon 2112 (in the original “Moon”) is the directorial debut of Duncan Jones, which brought the director popularity. The film was released in 2009, gathering different ratings from the audience: lovers of adventure and special effects were dissatisfied, and the intellectual public recognized it as magnificent. The genre of “Moon” is difficult to define: it is science fiction, social drama, and art house. Meaning Of The Ending Of The Film Moon 2112

The plot of the film Moon

The film takes place on the far side of the moon. Lunar Corporation has learned how to extract a special type of energy and provided it with 70% of the world’s population. The energy production station is fully automated, so only one worker is needed to control it. Such a person is Sam Bell, an astronaut who signed a three-year contract with Lunar. On Earth, his beautiful wife Tess and a little daughter are waiting for him. There is no direct communication with the earth, since the satellite is damaged, but sometimes Sam receives messages from his family and his superiors.

Two weeks before the expiration of the contract, unexpected events begin to occur. Sam feels immensely tired and hallucinates. While trying to fix a problem with one of the power-producing machines, Sam has an accident, wakes up in an isolation cell and is supervised by another inhabitant of the ship: the emotional artificial intelligence Gertie, whose mission is to help Sam.

Suspecting that the corporation is deceiving him, Sam decides to inspect the scene of his accident. Suddenly, he finds there an exact copy of himself – a clone. It turns out that this clone is Sam, who has lived at the station for almost three years. Two Sams reveal a terrible secret: there are thousands of inactivated clones on the station, whose life span is three years, after which they fail and are burned.

Realizing that all their memories are the implanted memory of the real Sam Bell and they have neither past nor future on the planet, they decide to go to Earth to reveal the truth to people. The body of Sam, who has lived at the station for 3 years, fails, and he does not dare to take a long flight, sacrificing himself for the sake of a new Sam.

The meaning of the film

The slogan of the film “Moon 2112”: “the other side of the future.” In general, these words best reflect the meaning of the film: under the guise of humanistic motives, the Lunar Corporation uses the slave labor of clones, and then gets rid of them. Behind the humanism of the company are greed and toughness towards the clones, who, as the film shows beautifully, feel, suffer and want to see their family as soon as possible. The motive of the inhuman treatment of clones by a large corporation in 2012 will be embodied by the Wachowski sisters in one of the Cloud Atlas stories.

The inhumanity of corporations is an actual problem of our time, because until now big companies use cheap labor and treat people as consumables, using the power of money and the lack of publicity for their actions. Important for understanding the meaning of the film is the translation of the main character’s name. The name Sam is translated as “God heard”, and Bell is a bell. “God heard the bell” – this image intersects associatively with the lack of satellite communications. No one hears the clones, not even God, because the destruction of the tower that blocks the signal is a symbolic gesture, going out into the world – to freedom and future justice.

Interesting is the name of the robot Gertie, which most likely comes from hearty – “hearty”. Artificial intelligence, indeed, has emotions that are expressed on the monitor in the form of emoticons. The director’s brilliant move is the mechanical hand comforting the hero, forcing the viewer to believe that there is more humane in the robot than in people on Earth.

The meaning of the ending

At the end of the film, one of Sam Bell’s clones flies to Earth in a capsule to send fuel. Before being sent, Gerty’s robot asks to be rebooted, which reinforces the viewer’s sense of the robot’s humanity – it hurts him every time to part with his master, so he chooses to erase his memory. In addition, Sam destroys the tower and a signal appears between the earth and the moon – this is the image that the clones will finally be heard on earth.

The last words of the film are that Lunar’s shares have fallen by 35% and there is a court session in which a clone that has flown to earth takes part. Justice can still prevail.

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