Southpaw Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Southpaw is a sports drama about a good “bad” guy

Southpaw is a touching sports drama that has everything – love, responsibility, sports passion, betrayal and true friendship!

In this film, directed by Antoine Fuqua, such eminent actors were noted: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams and Forest Whitacker. What can be unusual in a sports drama?

The film Southpaw was released in 2015 and was equally liked by both boxing connoisseurs and those who simply love a truly soulful movie.

The meaning of the plot

Billy Hope – the famous light heavyweight boxer is at the peak of fame! But the career ladder of this man was not heavenly manna.

Hope’s childhood was spent in an orphanage, where he learned the bitterness of resentment and humiliation. In his youth, a cute girl, whose childhood was spent in the same orphanage, becomes Billy’s guiding ray. The love that broke out between the two young people helped them to heal their wounds and did not allow the guy with a complex character to slide down to the very bottom.

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The role of love in becoming a champion

Bill Hope starts a family and climbs the career ladder. Billy and Maureen have a daughter. After becoming a champion in boxing, Hope gets a huge home. The family has everything one could only dream of. The spouses love each other passionately. Billy is doing what he loves, which brings him an enviable income.

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They have a beautiful daughter growing up. But the idyll does not last long.

Tragic accident

Sports passion does not allow Billy to leave the ring, he agrees to fight with an upstart boxer who is too jealous of Hope’s dizzying career. The opponent humiliates and provokes Billy. When the champion “explodes” and gives a worthy rebuff to the offender, a scuffle ensues, during which Bill’s wife is killed with a stray bullet. Hope has lost his “guiding star” and the meaning of life. And as it turned out, without his beloved Maureen, Billy cannot manage his affairs at all.

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The life of a champion is sinking

Billy loses his title. His manager breaks off relations with him. A man can no longer control his affairs and behaves inappropriately: he drinks, breaks the rules of battle, spits on the norms of decency. He completely loses sight of the fact that a loved one remained in his life, who in this difficult time is in great need of care and love. This is Billy and Maureen’s daughter – Leila. Due to the antisocial behavior of the father, the guardianship service was concerned about the fate of the girl. Leila moves to an orphanage.

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Relationship with daughter

The baby is offended by her father. After all, she understands that she is forced to live far from home only because of her father’s weakness. A social worker is given to help Bill. The psychologist tries to help the athlete who is confused in his life, to return himself, his status and his family. Hope has to go through the most difficult path to get back on his feet.

New fight …

To get off his knees and regain his good name, and most importantly to become a good father, Hope breaks himself down and goes to work in the most ordinary gym.

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The work of the former champion has nothing to do with fighting and the ring. They take him as a janitor. After thinking a little about his life and gathering his courage, the boxer decides to start training again. Hope’s new coach is Tick Wills, an athlete with a difficult fate, but a very tough character. Hope has to convince the new coach that he is ready to go up again and will no longer turn on the “vicious” path. The new coach is teaching Billy.

Perseverance, great striving and tireless work on himself enable Hope not only to return to the big ring. The former champion is offered a perspective in the form of a fight, a victory in which will allow him to regain the title of champion and prove to himself and those around him that he has not surrendered! In this difficult match, Southpaw defeats his rival and triumphantly returns to the podium.

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The story ends with a slight understatement. But from the ending, you can understand that Billy’s life is getting better. His daughter returns to Billy – this is his main victory.

Eminem was supposed to star in Southpaw

This sports drama was conceived as a sequel to the well-known film “The Eight Mile”. The main character in Southpaw was supposed to be played by a white rapper – Eminem. But, in 2012, it was reported that the rapper decided to concentrate on music and refused to continue working on the film. In 2014, Jake Gyllenhaal was invited to play the role of the famous boxer Billy Hope.

What’s the point of the movie?

Southpaw is a true sports drama that tells the story of a simple guy who scrambled out of the bottom twice. Once – it happened in his youth, when, thanks to his great love for sports and tender feelings for his girlfriend, Billy becomes a real champion and quickly takes his place in the “big ring”. The second time a boxer climbs out of the bottom, where tragedy leads him – the murder of his wife. This time, love for his daughter helps him rise, a great desire not to let the girl live the life that Billy himself had in his youth.

The essence of the message of the author of the film is that you must always fight! You can be a boxer not only in the ring, but also in life. When life knocks you down, you need to find strength in yourself and respond with accurate blows. Momentary weakness and emotions can derail life.

The story told in Southpaw has drama, romance and a lot of sports drive. Even the most demanding critic will notice that a decent work has been done on the image of the main character of the story. According to the stories, actor Jake Gyllenhaal prepared very seriously for his role. He regularly visited the gym and spent a lot of time practicing punches. The ring scenes in the film are so realistic that even professional boxers will be pleasantly impressed. Southpaw is a watch-worthy film with great acting by Jake Gyllenhaal.

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