Shame Review: What Does The Ending of Mean?

Meaning of the film Shame (2011): Explanation of the Plot & Ending. The premiere of the second film in the career of director Steve McQueen died down in 2011 at the 68th Venice Film Festival. The meaning of the film Shame seeks to reveal the severity of the psychological state of the two characters, to understand, to feel the characters (brother and sister), and not to find out the causes of the problems and imperfections shown. The task of the picture is to demonstrate certain periods of life, the atmosphere that prevails around them, there is no building up logical chains here.

Description of the story

The plot of the film Shame describes the life of 30-year-old New Yorker Brandon, brilliantly played by Michael Fassbender. From the average man, he is distinguished by a complete inability to control his sexual relationships. He spends most of his time and money on nightclubs, striptease, sex chats. The protagonist’s work computer is filled with pornography. Brandon’s debauchery is not caused by banal promiscuity or the desire to find a soul mate. His behavior is a consequence of mental pathology, he is an erotomaniac, a sexaholic.

Everything turns upside down when his own sister Cissy (Carey Mulligan) bursts into the life of the protagonist. She is the complete opposite of him. Sissi’s excessive openness, the constant desire to talk heart to heart lead to the fact that the main character begins to gradually change. Deep down, he feels a sense of shame for his behavior (once he even has a misfire during intercourse).

Because of this, Brandon finally loses control over himself, indulges in all serious:

  • has sex with two partners at the same time;
  • drinks more than usual, sniffs drugs;
  • spies on homosexuals during sexual intercourse;
  • hitting on a girl in a bar while her boyfriend turned away for a second.

The director deliberately does not focus on what led to the psychological pathology of the protagonist. As conceived by the creators, what is the meaning of the film Shame, the viewer will decide for himself. Someone condemns Brandon, but there are those who accept the character, sincerely sympathizing with him.

On a note! The scene in Shame where Sissi sings the song in a restaurant was recorded live, on the first take. Many of the crew, including Fassbender, never heard the voice of the actress. Brandon’s reaction in the film is genuine admiration.

Ending and hidden meaning

How the film Shame ended, like the plot itself, leaves many questions. Criticizing his sister, Brandon later finds Sisi in the bathroom when she cut her veins. The girl was saved, but the moment turned out to be a turning point for the protagonist. The ending of the film Shame shows a worried Brandon, who finally realized that it was impossible to live like this any longer.

Interesting! The picture is among the record holders for the speed of creation. The film was shot in just 25 days.

The main meaning of the film Shame is the desire to convey to the audience the root of the problem of sexaholism. People suffering from this psychological disorder are unable to afford emotional intimacy with a partner. The result of this is an insurmountable barrier, through which it is impossible to break through without outside help. Each time, everything repeats in a circle: Brandon meets a new girl, enters into a relationship with her, and then disappears, ashamed, embarrassed because of what happened (hence the title of the tape).

The meaning of the ending of the film Shame calls to see in the main character not a negative character. He is an ordinary man with fears, experiences. Similar (although often not so unpleasant) problems that turn life into a vicious circle, every viewer has. This is a good picture. The authors managed in an unobtrusive way to inspire the audience with a fair reproach and not start judging a person without knowing the whole truth about his past and problems.

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