6 Series Similar To Money Heist That You Will Enjoy

Money Heist or La Casa de Papel in the original from Netflix, tells the story of a gang of mysterious robber protagonists who, under the command of the genius Professor, decide to rob the Spanish Royal Mint. Released in 2017, the series immediately became the most popular non-English project from Netflix and continues to hold this popularity for 4 seasons in a row.

Below are six episodes like The Paper House that you might have missed. A selection of an analogue with a description of the similarity Let’s go!

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Similar TV series by type like Money Heist

Lord of the skies / El señor de los cielos ( 2013  –  present), 7 seasons

Lord of the skies / El señor de los cielos

The plot of the Mexican-American series tells about the life of Aurelio Casillas, the former leader of the drug cartel and the most influential drug dealer in Mexico in the 90s. The series has won numerous prestigious awards, including an Emmy for Best Non-English Show.

Breaking Bad / Breaking Bad ( 2008 – 2013), 5 seasons

Breaking Bad

The plot of the series follows Walter White, a school chemistry teacher, who is diagnosed with incurable lung cancer. Along with the illness of his son and the realization of the sad financial situation of the family, Walter decides to resort to not entirely legal methods of getting rich quick. The teacher begins to cook methamphetamine and eventually turns into a real drug lord.

Ozark ( 2017  –  present), 3 seasons


The series is set around Martin Byrd, a financial consultant who, in addition to robots in his office, launders money from a Mexican drug lord. Soon, after the failure of one major scheme, he becomes a debtor to his boss, and in order not to go into a barrel of acid, he moves with his family to a city on the shores of Lake Ozark.

Bodyguard ( 2018  –  present) Season 1

Bodyguard / Bodyguard

The plot of the British political thriller follows David Budd, a bodyguard tasked with protecting Home Secretary Julia Montague, with whose political views he completely disagrees.

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Narcos (2016 –  present), 3 seasons


The plot of the crime drama tells about the formation and heyday of the most famous drug lord in the world – Pablo Escobar. And also about how Escobar managed to earn more than three billion dollars on the sale of drugs, while having affairs with the Drug Enforcement Administration and other, no less serious organizations.

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Escape / Prison Break ( 2005 – 2009), 5 seasons

Escape / Prison Break

The series tells the story of two brothers: the elder Lincoln Burrows and the younger Michael Scofield. The first, unjustly convicted, awaits his execution within the walls of Fox River prison. The second decides to save his older brother, and therefore commits a minor crime and also gets into the Fox River.

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