Meaning of Rammstein — Mein Herz Brennt video

The meaning of the Mein Herz Brennt video is not so easy to understand, even if you try, and not just skim through it. All that distinguishes the eye are nightmarish images, dark blood, writhing bodies, the silent cries of the tortured and the figures of children.

That was the band’s intention: to leave a continuous stream of frightening images. It is difficult to focus on them, as each one is shown for about 3 seconds and is immediately replaced by a new, even more creepy one. If it were possible to consider and analyze these characters, then they would not be so frightening. But no – the incessant tape of a nightmare makes up this clip.

One of the directors of the video (Eugenio Recuenko) was removed from work precisely because his creation lacked dynamism. He is still a photographer – his images are unusual and imbued with a special energy, but devoid of movement, drive and fire, which we love so much in Rammstein’s work. As a result of refining the clip by another director, we watch a video full of dynamics. And it is this feeling that remains after watching – the creators did not achieve at all that we analyze something, parse the plot into details, but were left with a painful feeling of an unstoppable and insurmountable nightmare, with which nothing can be done, which will definitely come – anyone knows that, who was a child.

Frames from the clip Rammstein — Mein Herz Brennt

Frames from the clip Rammstein — Mein Herz Brennt

The shooting location is more than unusual – an abandoned hospital for tuberculosis patients, or, according to some sources, a lunatic asylum. Whatever it is, the energy around the building is dark and gloomy, the walls are saturated with real pain and the thoughts of those who were here – thoughts of death. It was simply impossible to find a better place for the clip.

In the clip, two shades can be distinguished – gray and red. Gray is peace and quiet, and against its background, the unfolding pictures of delirium and nightmares look even more eerie. Red – flaming pillars of fire, a bloody heart and an ominous light. Black unites them among themselves, like a conductor from the darkness of Purgatory, where there is nothing, into the open mouth of Hell. At the same time, red is energy, development and life.

What is Rammstein’s video – Mein Herz Brennt about: a clue in the song

To understand what the Rammstein – Mein herz brennt video is about, you need to refer to the lyrics of the song. It tells about the supreme Nightmare with a burning heart, which becomes stronger from children’s tears delivered to him by infernal entities. These entities frighten children, and Nightmare – the “voice from the pillow” – will sing while his heart burns.

The images created for the song are very original: not stereotyped ideas that pass from clip to clip, as happens with other performers. Clip Mein Herz Brennt is perceived as a full-fledged feature film. Ideas are not easy to interpret, because the creators did not choose ready-made characters, but created something new, but we will still try to sort them out.

The essence of the Rammstein — Mein Herz Brennt clip is in images

Children with painted bags on their heads. They are orphans, and the faces depicted on the fabric – the roles that society wants to impose on them – can be distinguished beauties and sad Pierrot. No one is interested in the inner world of the child, his face is hidden by a bag, because only parents could love him, but they are not. Society treats orphanage children with prejudice. It is impossible not to recall the image of a child with a bag on his head from the film “Shelter” by Guillermo del Toro – the same blood-chilling incessant horror occurred there.

No one’s children, frightened and disenfranchised, whom no one will save – this is all of us under the approaching night mosquito, which is what the song is about.

Frames from the clip Rammstein — Mein Herz Brennt

Frames from the clip Rammstein — Mein Herz Brennt

Orphanage teacher.  We see how she tries to defend herself against Till with a gun, but she fails and screams in horror because he grabs her and tries to kiss her. She is young and beautiful, but after a few frames we see her old, and the nightmare still torments her until she falls dead. What exactly frightened and tormented her so much? We can see the archetypal Man in Tilla confidently approaching the girl. Since she is caring for orphans, most likely she does not and cannot have a loved one, and images of passion torment her at the same time with desire and fear, like all her life, until her death – Eros and Thanatos are always together.

The hero of Till can be interpreted at the same time as a grown-up pupil of the orphanage, who came to avenge everything that she did with the children. For example, the scene where the girl is all tightly chained in belts, or the presence of children in a low cage is monstrous cruelty, as is the dipping of a bound person in ice water.

Those who liked the video and its atmosphere will be interested in the second season of American Horror Story: Asylum about the Briarcliff asylum for insane convicts, where various tortures were practiced and otherworldly forces were present.

A girl on a gynecological chair, who is helped by doctors – members of the group. It is not clear whether this is childbirth or an operation, but, nevertheless, this fragment makes you cringe The image is interpreted at first glance simply – Mother, Birth, the creation of a new life. But in the context of the clip, the image looks just as frightening as the rest. Why be born, if the world is so nightmarish, and life will most likely pass in an orphanage. The girl has an alternative appearance, she is a well-known freak model, but her unusual appearance in the video is also intended to make the viewer understand that this is a different, nightmarish world.

A bald girl in a crinoline where the children are hiding. The image follows from the previous one – the care of a mother in this infernal world is rather a limitation, and children are just as defenseless against any nightmare – they will not be protected by a crinoline frame resembling a cage.

The girl is a nightmare. She sits on the back of a sleeping person’s bed, and, waking up from one nightmare, he sees another – her frightening and aggressive face, she is all white and with a twisted back – she resembles a revived gargoyle. In this scene, the creators wanted to convey the continuity of the nightmare – he dreamed in childhood, he dreams now, and will be forever.

Crying Till  is the personification of a nightmare, its hyperbole. His tears – perhaps from the horror of himself, the inevitability of evil and the torment of people.

Children dressed as hares –  for some reason, this cute image in the clip looks frightening and disturbing. About the viral video with a magic rabbit singing “etis, atis, animatis”, I think no one needs to be reminded. Perhaps children are frightening, because in a black-and-white photograph, the whites of the eyes stand out especially strongly against the background of gray skin. The horns of Satan can be seen in the carelessly made hare ears. Children through the image of the beast become closer to the infernal world. Fire devours their photograph, as time devours their lives.

Frames from the clip Rammstein — Mein Herz Brennt

Frames from the clip Rammstein — Mein Herz Brennt

Musicians in black blood playing cellos . The only frame in the entire video that can be called beautiful is the smooth and long movements of the bows. Musicians in a room with candles and dark walls seem to be accompanying the unfolding diabolical mass.

The man in the tall black mask is the same nightmare. The children are afraid of him, they try to escape, but to no avail, he torments them with long black claws, looking with painted inhuman eyes. I recall scandals with orphanages, where children were tortured in satanic rituals, as they were defenseless orphans who would not be missed. This story is told in the thriller Snitch, a book not for the faint of heart, written by Sam Hayes. Here, the children are in a kind of cage, and horror is inevitable, it cannot be avoided.

Fire is  the quintessence of fear itself, tormenting passion, living, devouring horror that brings death. But at the same time, he creates liberation – in the end, people get out of the burning shelter, as if from imprisonment, perhaps these are the same orphans who finally leave the house of their horror, cease to obey the nightmare.

Interestingly, the scene where Till walks against the backdrop of burning walls was filmed “for real”, and not created using computer graphics. So the atmosphere is very realistic: the house is a place of torment and torture, and the fire actually burned.

Frames from the clip Rammstein — Mein Herz Brennt

Frames from the clip Rammstein — Mein Herz Brennt

Eating a bloodied heart. Ripping the heart out of the chest, absorbing oneself, destruction in the most direct sense – self-hatred and at the same time rebirth, the desire to get rid of this burning heart. One of the most shocking scenes in the video.

Men leaving a burning house. Previously, we saw them as children locked in a barred recess where the Nightmare could touch and torment them. But they grew up and broke the bars, set fire to the house and went free.

Those who appreciated this clip may like Ransome Riggs’ book “House for Peculiar Children”, which will include an orphanage, out-of-this-world photographs, and orphans endowed with infernal abilities.

What is the meaning of the video Rammstein – Mein herz brennt? So, the video is entirely based on the song, all the images are from it. Children’s nightmares are part of our lives, no one and nothing can save them from them. Frightening images will inevitably come and feed on our pain and fear. But the ongoing hell can be fought back. At first it seems to us that Fire, the living force, is on the side of the Nightmare, but this is not so – Passion can conquer fear.

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