Mr. Nobody Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The meaning of the film is Mr. Nobody

“Mr. Nobody” is a prominent representative of postmodern cinema. It is filled with quotes, references to the works of scientists and artists. Camera work from frame to frame gives us a beautiful and unrealistic picture – even everyday life is filmed in an unusual way. The voice-over tries to chew any philosophical concept down to the smallest detail.

Subject features and meaning of the film Mr. Nobody

The picture seems too unrealistic and has little to do with real life. First of all, this is a plot built on quantum physics, string theory and relativity. Plus, the cast is stunning. The director pleased audiences of both genders: Jared Leto was taken for girls, and Diana Kruger for boys. You won’t often find such people on the subway. But still the film is very close to what we have, being in society on planet Earth.

One of the themes of the film is the question of choice. Each choice, including minor ones, can lead to different consequences. With respect to spatial dimensions, we can move in all directions: forward and backward, right and left, but with respect to the temporal dimension, we cannot do this. Only forward, only with the load of what we have accumulated in the past. This is what Mr. Nobody is talking about in one of his realities, in which he is a TV presenter.

Shot from the movie Mr. Nobody

The episode in which Nemo “chooses” his parents lays down the theme of the illusion of choice. In fact, the child, of course, is deprived of the opportunity to predict his fate, which is what the entire subsequent plot tells about.

Until the 19th century, sociologists studying society relied on the social world to be akin to a mechanical clock. One part activates another, and it pushes the second hand. All social actions of a person were described as meaningful and purposeful, like gears in a clock. And in such a picture of the world there was no place for chance. The geniuses of that time assumed that even by the hump of the nose it was possible to determine the character of a person. This was the theory of Johann Lavater. Now for educated people it seems stupid, but in those days it was very popular, and it was because of her that the great Charles Darwin could not get on the Beagle ship and embark on a journey that opened his eyes to evolution. His nose described him as “a weak man and a whiner,” and such a ship is not needed. Subsequently, from the vision of the social world as a group of people,

Shot from the movie Mr. Nobody

In one of the “parallel universes” Nemo is unhappy with Eliza, but who could have predicted this? (Note the color of the bedroom!)

Decisions as the main theme of the film “Mr. Nobody”

The main theme of the film is not choice, but the result of decisions that we make unconsciously: chaos, chance and how we relate to them. The film begins with documentary footage of the famous American behaviorist Skinner, who experimented on pigeons. Skinner’s research has shown that animals repeat the same patterns of behavior if they believe it leads to the desired result, even if their actions do not influence it in any way. So, some pigeons constantly pecked the same button in their cage, waiting for food, despite the fact that food was served at a random moment in time. And it is not without reason that little Nemo, looking in the mirror, asks the question: “Why am I – am I?”

The torn laces of the little hero during the chase after the departing train of his mother predetermined his future. If the laces were not torn, he would have slept with his half-sister, smoking weed, and so he courted his father and crashed on a motorcycle in one reality and became an influential and wealthy man in another. In any case, the poor quality of laces is an accident that he could not influence in any way, but this small detail determined his character and future, as did other insignificant details in the course of his life. It seems to us that we can control these things, or they are insignificant, but something larger affects our behavior, mood and ideas: a book filled with philosophical ideas, a strong personality, parents, friends, etc.

Shot from the movie Mr. Nobody

The storylines associated with the girls are painted in different colors. Nemo associates Anna with red – passion, Eliza – with blue (sadness), Jin – with yellow, gold (wealth)

The situation when micro-changes lead to macro-consequences is called the “butterfly effect”. The flapping of a butterfly’s wings in South America can lead to a tornado in the United States. That is why it is very difficult to predict the future. This idea is demonstrated when the firing of a worker in a southern country and lack of food forced him to boil an egg, the steam from which influenced rain in America. This rain washed away the phone number of Anna, Nemo’s beloved.


So, from all possible alternatives, we can choose one or the other. The reluctance to make choices in the face of endless choices is also a choice. And all this is because the temporal dimension for our species is strictly unidirectional.

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