The Irishman Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The American drama film The Irishman is based on the book I Heard You Paint Houses by Charles Brandt. This exciting story tells about the life of a simple truck driver. Director Martin Scorsese managed to create a bright film full of unexpected events and tragic twists of fate. What is the true meaning of the film “The Irishman”?

What is The Irishman about?

Nursing home. Frank Sheeran is flooded with memories of the past. For several years, the hero worked for the mafia. 1950s. The young man works as a truck driver. His duties include transporting beef. However, the honest path is not for Frank. Over time, the young driver began to steal the cargo being transported. He handed over stolen goods to one of the Italian mafiosi. Frank was quickly figured out, but Bill Bufalino’s kindness saved the man from being fired and prosecuted.

A trade union activist introduced the hero to his cousin, the leader of a criminal gang. This meeting was fateful for Frank. In Russell Bufalino, the driver found not only a boss, but also a true friend. Frank becomes a member of a crime family. His duties also included the execution of contract killings. Reliable and responsible Frank eventually gained a significant authority in the underworld. What sacrifices will a significant criminal figure have to make? What task will turn his whole life upside down?

At the end of his existence, after 18 years in prison, Frank found himself in a nursing home. He hopes to improve relations with his daughters, however, fails. The hero is visited by gloomy thoughts about the meaning of his existence. He talks about his life, critically evaluating its positive and negative sides.

Meaning of “The Irishman”

The film “The Irishman” is a story about the life of people in the second half of the 20th century. At this time, violence and cruelty reigned. The underworld flourished. The events in the film affect several decades, showing the life of mafia groups from the inside. The hero of the film is a simple driver. However, the thirst for profit, easy money made him a significant figure in the criminal world. The film “The Irishman” shows how completely different people became members of a crime family.

The image of the main character. This is a multifaceted, loyal person. Frank is trying to provide for his family. To do this, the young driver changes his field of activity and becomes a member of a criminal group. It’s important for Sheeran to be honest with himself. He not only strives to be a good father, but also a responsible member of his second crime family. He clearly and accurately follows all instructions, without asking unnecessary questions.

But what life outcome comprehended a principled person? With the help of a colossal time period, the director showed all the stages of the hero’s existence. Human life is what is at the center of The Irishman. Frank had his own principles and ideals. However, what awaited him at the end of existence?

The meaning of the film “The Irishman” is to reveal the emotions, feelings, thoughts of the hero, who became a victim of circumstances. Initially, when choosing a future path, Frank was visited by doubts. But when he joined a criminal family, he strictly carried out all the instructions of his boss. Frank is a hostage of his time, a cog in a huge mechanism that functions according to its own rules and laws. The hero wanted to be a reliable loyal friend. However, when he received another assignment, the meaning of which was to kill his good friend – a man who completely trusted him, Frank committed a betrayal towards him. After this event, his life became gloomy and meaningless.

Prison, nursing home, indifference of his family members. Frank realized that he had never been the master of his life. The hero could not control the processes that took place around him. He was just a pawn, which was cleverly manipulated by criminal authorities. What did he fight for? Was Frank truly loyal to his crime family? Perhaps his actions were driven by a sense of fear. At the end of his life, Sheeran bitterly realized that everything was in vain. His existence can hardly be called happy and joyful. Such a fate befell many people who want to get easy money.

The meaning of the finale of the film “The Irishman”

The Irishman does not have a happy ending. Frank in his life had to face friendship, devotion and betrayal. The world of gangsters, powerful people and large sums of money has swallowed up criminal figures. Despite his word, self-esteem, Frank crossed the line that divided his life into before and after. Did he have a choice? Or was it the only right move? Did he later regret his decision?

These questions are answered by the end of the film. The closest people turned away from the hero. The daughters revealed to him the secret that Frank never became a person for them to whom they could come for advice. Former crime boss ended up in a nursing home. The only thing he has left is his memories. Frank Sheeran operated under the codes of criminals during his existence. Is it possible to call his life happy? Each viewer will answer this question for himself.

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