Sleeping Beauty Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The film Sleeping Beauty (2011) refers to a well-known foreign fairy tale about a princess who fell asleep in a magical dream. The cause was an injection from a spindle with a needle. However, the film is not about that. The action of the tale has been moved to modern times. The heroine is the girl Lucy. She studies at the university and is ready to take on any job. They also put experiments on it in the laboratory, where a special probe is inserted into it.

In the office, she works on a copier. After that, in the evening he washes tables in a cafe. He spends his nights at various discos, where he uses drugs. There she is used as a prostitute, as she needs money in order to pay for housing and education. In addition, she is friends with a young man. But he is a very strange character.

Lucy got a beautiful appearance, the poet pays attention to her. The disadvantage of a girl is the fact that she just goes ahead with a life that sometimes bites her.

Due to the fact that she does not care what happens to her, the girl is used because of her beautiful appearance. In clubs, she is offered strong substances, alcohol. After she enters an unconscious state, her suitors cast lots. The winner spends time with her.

One day, Lucy finds a job offer. She responds to him. It turns out that she is invited to a brothel, in which a very peculiar atmosphere reigns. The girl is given several tasks that she performs. After that, the head of the house tells her that she is ready to offer Lucy to become a “sleeping beauty”. The bottom line is that she is given a pill that induces sleep. The girl falls asleep and then wakes up. She pays an unheard of amount of money. Lucy thinks about what happened to her during sleep. That’s the intrigue of this interesting film.

The plot is intriguing enough. He is very non-standard. The theme of a girl who does not know what is happening to her during a loss of consciousness is very unusual. The viewer wants to follow the plot in order to find out the truth later. The heroes of the film are quite phlegmatic. They react poorly to what is happening. Plot twists sometimes defy logic. But that only adds to the film. The camera sometimes freezes for an extended period of time.

Sometimes there is complete silence in the frame. “Sleeping Beauty” is designed for its own, prepared audience. This is David Lynch. Maybe the director of this picture studied with this master of the thriller. And it succeeded to some extent. Such an atmosphere makes the viewer immerse in the story. The length of the story adds intrigue and makes you wait for the denouement. Of course, you can blame the picture for the lack of a clear plot. But the atmosphere is still amazing. Thus, the viewer is waiting for a kind of film. This is an original film. It is unusual in nature.

The famous actress Emily Browning starred in this film. Of the well-known roles, one can only recall the action movie Pompeii. It was filmed later than this film. And here the actress has starred in not so epic films. Fans of the actress will not care about the originality of the story. After all, they will watch the picture only for the sake of Emily Browning. She really is a sleeping beauty here. Charming girl, looks good in the frame. She does a good job as a girl who finds herself in a strange, sinister brothel. By the way, the actress had previously starred in the original movie “Forbidden Reception”, which was even released in the same year as this picture. The character of Emily Browning brings the picture to life considerably.

As a result, “Sleeping Beauty” was even presented at the Cannes Film Festival, but did not receive a single nomination. Maybe the reason is that this is a kind of author’s cinema. The film has a lot of drag. There are many different images, hidden meanings. Perhaps behind the scenes, the film raises many important questions. All this is liked by people who rate the picture. As for ordinary viewers, they may not understand this picture. And yet there is something about it that makes the film worth watching. Intrigue, mystery, a clue to what is happening. If the viewer is not afraid of protractedness and pathos, then the film is worth watching.

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