Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The continuation of the film “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” hides a new vision of the old fairy tale.

The creators remained true to themselves, and in the new story they showed that everything is not always as obvious as it seems. The audience reacted favorably to the film. The creators brought clarity, simplicity to the story, revealed the meaning of the fairy tale.

What is Maleficent: Mistress of Evil about?

In the marshy swamps, peace and quiet. Aurora and Maleficent are happy. The prince proposed to Aurora. They are happy, but Maleficent is unhappy. She agrees to go to visit the prince’s parents. At the request of Aurora, Maleficent covers her horns with a handkerchief.

Phillip’s father is a good-natured ruler. The queen, under the mask of good nature, hides malice. She is kind to Aurora, says that the girl will find a family, but shows not the best attitude towards Maleficent. Iron appliances contain a hint that Aurora’s godmother is not welcome.

And between Aurora and Maleficent there is a misunderstanding. Aurora lives in a castle. She is haunted by what happened the day before. The king fell into an eternal sleep. The queen accused Maleficent of witchcraft.

Aurora opened the entrance to the dungeon. The elf who lived there was preparing a magic powder that destroys the fairies. The queen’s servant destroyed his brothers. The prince’s mother finds Aurora in the dungeon and orders the girl to be locked up. After visiting the secret laboratory, Aurora guessed that the prince’s mother was to blame for the king’s eternal sleep. She used an old spell.

Maleficent herself is injured. She was saved by an elf like herself. He hid Maleficent in their secret hideout. The elves reveal to Maleficent her secret – she is a Phoenix bird, capable of restoring itself.

Diaval is looking for Maleficent.

Aurora comes up with an escape plan and manages to outsmart the guards.

The inhabitants of the marshy swamps arrived at the wedding. They do not understand that they are trapped. Servants lock the doors behind which the fairy folk have gathered. The servant presses the keys of the organ, and a powder that destroys the fairies scatters in the air. One of them sacrifices herself while Aurora and Diaval save the others.

Maleficent’s brothers approach the castle. The queen greets them with the same powder. Maleficent appears on the battlefield, and the queen kills her. In front of Aurora, Maleficent is reborn.

What is the meaning of the movie Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

The main point of the film is that evil is able to bring good, and the one who seems good can hide black malice in his heart. The idea of ​​the creators is to show the good old battle between good and evil, only from a very unexpected side. It is the queen who wants war, although she managed to convince everyone of the opposite for a long time.


Well lit in the film and a real guile. The Queen excelled in this art of all.

For so many years, keeping everyone in fear with terrible stories about the terrible people living in the swamps, sowing confidence that Maleficent committed brutal murders is a real talent. No one could have thought that this was the work of the queen.

Back to the roots

The creators skillfully introduced a story about a people related to Maleficent into the film.

They wanted to show how important it is to find a family, to find out that there are people like you in the world. Maleficent found loved ones, and with them new forces.

True love

The creators did not ignore the true love. This feeling can break any spell. The heroes of the film love each other, and therefore they all will live happily ever after.


The creators point to this important quality. The fairy who sacrificed herself to save her own kind did not disappear for good, she turned into a flower. The viewer is shown that the one who gives his life for the sake of others will definitely receive a reward.

Eternal battle

The battle between good and evil is the main idea of ​​the film. When the story ends, this battle doesn’t end. Evil hides only for a while, in order to gain strength and again rush into battle. It will successfully disguise itself, and will hatch new cruel plans for a long time. Evil cannot be destroyed forever, if only because it is necessary for the balance in this world. That is why the evil in the face of the prince’s mother is not destroyed, but only temporarily neutralized.

Good conquers evil

And as expected in a real fairy tale, good won. Evil is punished, although not destroyed, but defeated. The evil queen’s punishment is not as cruel as she is. The queen was overtaken by a punishment, but a punishment characteristic of goodness, and even with humor. True goodness could not punish otherwise.

Consent and reconciliation

There is another important thought that runs throughout the film. In a real, kind society, everyone is welcome, whether it be an elf, a fairy, a creepy-looking tree, or a person of another race.

All of them unite in the end and live in peace and harmony.

Reconciliation and kindness towards those who are not like you is an important idea of ​​the film.


As conceived by the filmmakers, even nature shows who is good and who is bad.

Gorgeous flowers and beautiful trees grow in the land of marshy swamps. There is always a blue clear sky and clean, clear water.

This speaks of the purity of the thoughts of the magical people. And in the castle of the evil queen there is not a single flower, and the sky above the castle is always gloomy.

Meaning of the ending of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

The battle is over, everyone is happy, except for the queen, who has been turned into a goat. The king woke up from his eternal sleep. The wedding of Aurora and Phillip took place and the kingdoms united.

Good has conquered evil. And everyone lived happily ever after, as it should be in a fairy tale.

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