10+ Worst Movies of 2022 According To IMDB

If you still don’t know which films to avoid in the outgoing 2019, then we recommend that you check out the list of the worst (most disappointing) films of the year according to IMDB.

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The Lion King


frame from the cartoon “The Lion King”

The main question for the highest-grossing cartoon of 2019, and for the whole story as a whole, is why? No seriously. Why was it filmed? The Lion King of 2019 copies its classic original almost frame by frame, adding only a couple of new, but not influencing the plot, scenes. Of course, the main advantage of the remake is considered to be excellent graphics, for the sake of which this large-scale project was started. Is this a good reason to love the new Lion King? Of course not. But we know for sure which cartoon, after the release of this misunderstanding, we fell in love even more.

Glass / Glass



Despite the fact that M. Night Shyamalan is definitely not at the top of his creative career lately, the Easter egg to “Invincible” in the not entirely successful “Spile” interested and made you wait for “Glass” – a film in which Shyamalan decided to unite the hero of James McAvoy, Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. The result was unexpected. Instead of a promising film not about classic heroes, we got a boring and sometimes even ridiculous thriller that you want to forget as soon as possible.

It 2 / It: Chapter Two


stills from the movie "It 2"
stills from the movie “It 2”

You can read about the most obvious disadvantages of “It 2” here , but I would like to add that remove all obvious oversights from the second part, reduce the number of screamers by exactly half and tighten the dramatic line of the main characters, the film would have turned out really good.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix


frame from the movie “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”

Another attempt to scrape together money from a long-dead franchise turned into a fiasco. “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” is the same story about young superheroes, contrary to the logic of not only the first, but also the last films about the X-Men.

Gemini Man


still from the film “Gemini”

A curious technical experiment “Gemini” with the participation of Will Smith, after the release of the rental, predictably went to the bottom. The thing is that in some moments the creators overdid it, such as using the rejuvenation effect and a high frame rate at the same time. And in some, they didn’t do it enough, because they completely forgot about the story itself, which in Gemini is only for DVD and is good enough.


Men in Black International


Men in Black: International

The reboot of the brilliant Men in Black trilogy would be appropriate in the year 2025, since only 7 years have passed since the last film, it ended eloquently and without the slightest hint of a continuation. Nevertheless, “Men in Black: International” initially even surprised, the idea of ​​an expanded universe with well-known actors and the spirit of the classic “Men in Black” hit the taste exactly before the release of this creation. As a result, the film turned out to be terribly predictable, filled with all kinds of clichés and not at all funny.

Inveterate swindler / The Hustle 


Inveterate scammers

The same question to The Inveterate Fraudsters as to The Lion King – why was it filmed? The timeless classics with the participation of Marlon Brando or Steve Martin definitely falls short. The idea of ​​replacing male characters with female characters has already suffered a fiasco in Ocean’s Eight, and the jokes and shenanigans cause neither laughter nor surprise.



still from the movie “Sea of ​​Temptation”

If you like too complex, and in some moments even ridiculous films, leaving exclusively at an unexpected plot twist, “Sea of ​​Temptation” is exactly what you need.



still from the movie “Hellboy”

With the Hellboy series, there have always been some misunderstandings. Either the fees did not reach the payback, then the last film of the planned three was turned off due to the director’s departure and, again, low box office receipts. Hellboy 2019 must take into account the mistakes of its predecessors, because the most dedicated fans were really waiting for a sequel. But, unfortunately, this restart has suffered the curse of all unsuccessful restarts. And despite the promising R rating, the film came out dull, boring and drawn out, traditionally a flop at the box office and received a critical 17% approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

Holmes and Watson


Holmes & Watson

We do not know what the future holds for Holmes & Watson. Perhaps such a motley cast of actors is repeatedly mentioned in some tops of the most terrible films with an excellent cast. Now “Holmes & Watson” looks not only as a bad parody of the works of Arthur Conan Doyle, but also as not the most successful parody of cinema in general, which is confirmed by four Golden Raspberry awards including the worst film, the worst director, the worst remake (fake or sequel) and Worst Supporting Actor.

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