10+ Best Movies of 2022 According To Kinopoisk

If you are still looking for what to watch in the outgoing 2022, then the list of the best films of the year according to KinoPoisk is a great solution for any of the remaining evenings.

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Belle Epoque / La belle époque

7.87 out of 10

still from the film “Belle Epoque”

Elderly artist Victor Drumond decides on a small adventure. A man turns to a company that is engaged in the restoration of the most memorable days in life, pleasant situations or incidents. The fact is that the relationship with his wife is giving more and more cracks, and Victor decides to get to know his beloved one more time.

Super 30 / Super 30

7.88 out of 10

frame from the movie “Super 30”

“Super 30” is the real story of an Indian mathematician who was unhappy with the well-established rule that children from slums should not, and will not be able to receive a quality education. Anand Kumar creates a separate class, which brings together 30 talented children from the slums in order to prepare them for admission to higher educational institutions; prove that India’s educational system is outdated and in need of reformation.

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Weather Child /天 気 の 子 Tenki no ko

7.90 out of 10

still from the film “Weather Child”

A self-contained high school student, Hodaka Morishima, leads a secluded life in Tokyo. He has only recently moved from a distant island, and it is difficult for him to establish any contacts. Soon he gets a job as a journalist and begins writing articles on the supernatural. He also meets a girl, the cheerful Hina Amano, who lives with her younger brother and shares a secret with Hodako: she knows how to stop the rain.

A Dog’s Journey

7.95 out of 10

still from the movie “A Dog’s Life 2”

Restless dog Bailey has lived too many lives before getting to his first and most beloved master. Despite the reunion, Bailey’s life chain has not been interrupted, and he again, like many times before, wakes up in a new canine guise. Now he is the puppy of Ethan CJ’s granddaughter, whom old Bailey, now Molly, decides to take care of.

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The sun does not set over me

8.06 out of 10

still from the film “The sun does not set over me”

Having quarreled with his family, Altan decides to leave for the Far North. The prospect of spending a whole month on a cold and deserted island does not stop the boy. After some time, the island turns out to be not so deserted, Altan has a neighbor. The good old man Baibal came to the North to die here. He asks Altan to bury him next to his wife’s grave, but let us open the time, unfortunately, friends understand that fate has completely different plans on their account.

Parasites / Gisaengchung

8.07 out of 10

frame from the movie “Parasites”

Kim Kithaek lives with his wife Jung-sook and two grown children in a meager basement apartment. Family members are in poverty, trying to make ends meet, and of course they dream of a better life. The youngest son Ki-woo gets a lucky ticket – an acquaintance invites him to give English lessons to a girl from a wealthy family. Ki-wu does not give up the opportunity and begins to drag his relatives with him.

Marriage Story

8.11 out of 10

still from the film “Marriage Story”

There are disagreements in the Barber family. Nicole Barber wants a divorce, and Charlie Barber wants Nicole to calm down and return to their old life. The couple have a son, an apartment in New York and a successful theatrical play, which will soon see Broadway. Despite their position, and the fact that Nicole and Charlie still love each other, Nicole is not going to give up positions and decides to go all the way – she hires a lawyer and reveals another, invisible, but very painful side of a woman’s married life.

Joker / Joker

8.16 out of 10

кадр из фильма “Джокер”

Arthur Fleck lives with his elderly mother and is very fond of the Murray Franklin show, which he introduces from time to time. Arthur is a failed comedian who is forced to work as a promoter clown. Because of this, he often gets into trouble. Whether the make-up is to blame for the profession or Arthur’s unrestrained laugh (a side effect of a complex mental disorder) does not matter. In one of these skirmishes, the guy decides to use a gun and kills his offenders.

Ford vs Ferrari / Ford vs Ferrari

8.17 out of 10

still from the movie “Ford vs Ferrari”

Based on true events, the film follows the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966, the main opponents of which were the teams of Ford and Ferrari.

Klaus / Klaus

8.5 out of 10

still from the movie “Klaus”

Young Jasper’s senseless and luxurious life suddenly went downhill. His father, the owner of the postal business, sends the young man to the island of Smerensburg, cut off from the whole world, from which he must send 6,000 letters in a year. Or, in case of non-fulfillment of this norm / disagreement to leave for the island, it deprives him of any inheritance. Jasper agrees and does not even suspect how and how his arrival in the gloomy and ever-warring Smerensburg will turn out.

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