10+ Best Movies From Netflix That Are Not Ashamed To Show To Friends

The Netflix streaming service is a really great place. Only there, among “Criminal Reading” and “Forrest Gump” you can find “Silence” or, for example, “Wounds” – a mysterious thriller with Dakota Johnson, so bad that it does not even deserve adaptation. However, even he can boast of 77% satisfaction.

So, in order not to get lost and not come across “Wounds”, below we will tell you about 10 cool movies from Netflix, which are not ashamed to show to friends. All paintings are different: by genre, presentation, plot. But all of them are really good representatives of Netflix’s cinematic potential, which should not be discounted. Let’s go.

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 how good living in the house / I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House ( 2016)

drama, thriller

IMDb: 4.5

I am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

What the movie is about : Lily’s girl settles in an old mansion to take care of an elderly woman named Iris . The last writer, who fell into complete oblivion, begins to call Lily the name of one of his heroines.

Why look: instead of intimidation and constant  screamers, “I’m good” offers something more weightless and metaphorical. And at the same time, if you think about it, it is more valuable. More specifically, nostalgia for the times when the shooting of genre films was not yet associated with the shameless exploitation of audience instincts. We mean high artistic – close to literary – value. Static framework plans, stylistic and atmospheric solutions, slowness, a good acting game after all.

Webcam / Cam (2018)


IMDb: 5.9

Webcam / Cam

What the film is about: young and attractive Emily earns a living working as a webcam model. Its goal is to rise in the rankings as soon as possible. To do this, the girl arranges various shows, which often mimic suicide. One day she wakes up and learns that she has lost access to a private page, and her double is aired.

Why you should watch: the script for the film was written by former  webcam  model Isa  Matzuei , who planned to make a documentary about the  webcam  business, but later realized    this topic is intended for horror. Of course, “Webcam” is not a  horror , in its classical sense. And not even “Remove from friends”, although some important events take place on the screen. “Webcam” is a modern, in all senses of the word, a thriller with elements of drama, about the desire for success, rejection and injustice.

Gerald’s Game (2017)

horror, thriller

IMDb: 6.6

Gerald’s Game Gerald’s Game

What is the film about: attractive woman Jesse and her husband Gerald come to a country house for the weekend. To diversify the couple’s sex life, Gerald chains Jesse’s hands to the head of the bed. After an unsuccessful role-playing game, the man suddenly dies of a heart attack, and Jesse remains chained to the bed without the opportunity to break free.

Why you should watch: based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, “The Game of Gerald” is another example of good  horror  without a lot of  screamers  and blood (the absence of the latter more than pays off one, but quite bloody scene with his hand).

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Annihilation (2018)

science fiction thriller

MDb: 6.9

stills from the film "Annihilation"

What the film is about: A group of young women scientists, including biologist Lina (Natalie Portman), psychologist, physicist, paramedic and geomorphologist, go to “Area X” – the crash site of an unknown meteorite off the coast of the United States. The whole “District X” is covered by “Flicker” – a mysterious phenomenon that looks like a big soap bubble.

Why watch: The release of “Annihilation” bypassed a large audience and 17 days after its premiere, the film became available on Netflix. This decision was due to the fact that during the first test views, most of the audience called the picture “too smart”, which was the last nail in the hope of a large box office.

Bandersnatch (2018)

interactive film

IMDb: 7.2

frame from the movie Bandersnatch

About the film:  the story Bandersnatch centered around a young programmer Stephen Butler, who decides to adapt the book Bandersnatch in the game. According to Stefan himself, it  is  revolutionary for its time.
Why you should watch: the  main advantage of Bandersnatch is not that you can control the actions of the hero, but that after making a decision, you can not go back. Each new decision (if it does not provoke the end) creates a unique storyline.

The total running time of Bandersnatch is 150 minutes. It would take more than five hours to complete all the existing plot twists. The minimum playing time  is  less than 20 minutes. Maximum   about two hours. By the way, you can watch Bandersnatch with interactive only on Netflix.

Beasts of No Nation (2015)

military drama

IMDb: 7.2

Beasts of No Nation

What is the film about: in one of the countries of West Africa there is a civil war. Agu stays in the village with his father, older brother and grandfather, while his mother, sister and younger brother flee to the capital. The village is captured by the army and kills all the men except Agu, who also manages to escape. He is soon taken prisoner by the rebels, who, under threat of death, force the boy to fight on their side.

Why to watch: “Rootless Beasts” became the winner of the Venice Film Festival. They received several prestigious nominations and awards, and collected incredible (relative to the budget) cash collection.

Roma (2018)


IMDb: 7.7


What the film is about: at the center of the story is a story about the life of a poor Mexican family living in the area of ​​Mexico City – Roma Colony in the early 1970s. The father is rarely at home, the mother raises four children, counting on the help of two maids from the local Indians. The fate of the heroes is changed by student riots during a Catholic holiday on June 10, 1971, when demonstrators were shot by soldiers.

Why it’s worth watching: Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma, another Oscar nominee for Best Picture, is still considered the best film of 2018 in informal circles, despite winning the Green Paper.

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Marriage Story (2019)


IMDb: 8.0

Marriage Story

What is the film about: a  disorder in the Barber family . Nicole  Barber  wants a divorce, and Charlie  Barber – to never calmed down and returned to their measured life. The couple has a son, an apartment in New York and a successful play that Broadway will soon see.

Why look: despite their situation, and the fact that Nicole and Charlie still love each other, Nicole is not going to give up and decides to go to the end – hires a lawyer and reveals another, invisible but very painful side of a married woman’s life .

Irish / The Irishman (2019)

biographical drama

IMDb: 7.9

What the film is about: being in a nursing home, Frank Sheeran begins to think about his life.

Why it’s worth watching: The Irishman, this year’s Oscar nominee along with Marriage Story, has once again confirmed Netflix’s ability to shoot (sponsor) cool and incredibly deep projects. Attract talented actors, directors and screenwriters, thus demonstrating high competitiveness. As in the  movie gas , and among other streaming services Amazon Prime, Apple TV + and others.

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