10+ Best Episodes Of Black Mirror That Are Worth Watching

“Black Mirror” is one of the most famous anthology series of our  time. Created by journalist Charlie  Brooker , in the style of the best tragicomedies, horrors and dramas, “Black Mirror” covers the worst vices of society. Such as dependence on technology, inability to learn from mistakes, laziness or carelessness. According to Brooker himself, the  “Black Mirror” in the name is the mirror that you can see on every wall, on every table, in every palm: a cold, bright screen of a TV, monitor, smartphone.

Below we will tell you about the 10 best episodes of “Black Mirror”, which are worth watching right now.

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The National Anthem

frame from the series “Black Mirror”

What is the series about: the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Michael Kellow did not have the most pleasant participation. People’s favorite Princess Suzanne was abducted and tortured on video. In order for her to be released, the prime minister must have sex with a pig live.
Why to watch: having received mostly positive reviews from critics, the episode caused a general resonance, setting the moral and ethical aspect of what is happening on the screen.
“Humiliation for life, or life for humiliation?” – The main issue of the series .

I will be back soon / Be Right Back

frame from the series “Black Mirror”

What is the series about: the main characters of the episode Martha and Ash  are a  young couple who move to a private house outside the city. Ash  is an active user of social networks. Shortly after moving, he had an accident and died. Martha, in a frenzy of grief, decides to learn a new program that can bring back a loved one.
Why to watch: the episode raises the current issue of artificial intelligence, and the prospect of its social integration.
The main question: full simulation of life    this life?

The White Christmas
(special episode)

frame from the special episode “White Christmas”

What the series is about: the main characters Matt and Joe have been working together for five years. During this time, they exchanged only a few words, so on Christmas morning, Matt decides to learn more about Joe. He talks about his work and how he got here. Joe also decides to share his story.
Why it’s worth watching: the episode raises the topic of the level of impact of modern technologies on all spheres of human life. In particular, exaggerating it, and leading to the most absurd situations.
The main question: Who is the slave? You or technology.

Under the slope / Nosedive

frame from the series “Black Mirror”

What the series is about: imagine a world where your social status depends on a rating based on ratings from other people. Lacey  Pound is promising “4.2”. But she wants more, because the higher the number   the more privileges. However, it is difficult to score points, but it is  easy to lose  .
Why look: “Sloping” is a deep satire on any evaluation system. After all, its end result depends on the opinion of each individual, and in order to achieve a positive assessment, you need to please everyone. But is it possible?
The main question of the series (and not only): how to increase your rating?

Beta test / Playtest

frame from the series “Black Mirror”

What the series is about: a young freelancer Cooper is coming to the UK. There, by a strange coincidence, his credit card is blocked. In search of money, he comes across a one-time part-time job as a game tester and agrees to work.
Why you should watch: the episode raises the topic of the impact of the virtual world on the human psyche and life.
The main question: what problems can arise if we lose the ability to distinguish between real and virtual worlds?

San Junipero

frame from the series “Black Mirror”

What the series is about: the main characters, the shy  Yorkie  and the brave Kelly, meet at a nightclub in San Junipero in 1978. There is sympathy between the girls, and they spend the night together. Then Kelly disappears, and  Yorkie  starts looking for her not only in 1987, but also in the 80’s, 90’s and even 2000’s.
Why to watch: “San Junipero” was called one of the most touching episodes of “Mirror”. Probably because the technologies demonstrated in the series cannot be called destructive or even satirical.

Spacecraft Callister / USS Callister

frame from the series “Black Mirror”

What the series is about: the main character Robert Daly  is a closed and incredibly shy software engineer. In the day, Robert co-founded a successful company that develops games for simulated reality. At night, he is Captain Daly, who steers the spacecraft Callister with his professional team.
Why watch: The  episode raises many important social issues, such as the mass reluctance to leave one’s comfort zone, the dependence on virtual reality, and the suppression of one’s self through fear of criticism.
The main question: how to find the middle ground, and whether to look for it?

Hang the DJ

What the series is about: the main characters Amy and Frank use a pocket dating system to find their perfect match. Having met once, and then again after a long period of time, they understand    they are not erected just like that. But the system is relentless, and if you go against it, an unexpected result is possible.
Why watch: The  episode demonstrates a real pattern of behavior on modern online dating, mocking the extravagant lifestyle.
The main question: how to find your love?


frame from the series “Black Mirror”

What is the series about: the  post-apocalyptic world. Bella, Tony and Clark are driving in a car on a deserted road. The group needs to find something that Bella says will ease the pain of the unknown Jack. The situation is complicated by the fact that all three risk their lives, because the world is inhabited by killer robots, which, due to the similarity of the structure, were nicknamed “dogs”.
Why it’s worth watching:  despite the rather simple, but not full of details plot, “Metalist” is a genuine surprise. To write the script, Charlie Booker was inspired by real technology, which, of course, needs refinement.
The main question: are the existing technologies worth further development?

 Bandersnatch (2018)
(interactive film)

frame from the movie “Bandersnatch”

About the film: the story Bandersnatch centered around a young programmer Stephen Butler, who decides to adapt the book Bandersnatch in the game. According to Stefan himself, it  is  revolutionary for its time.
Why you should watch: the main advantage of Bandersnatch is not that you can control the actions of the hero, but that after making a decision, you can not go back. Each new decision (if it does not provoke the end) creates a unique storyline.

The total running time of Bandersnatch is 150 minutes. It would take more than five hours to complete all the existing plot twists. The minimum playing time is  less than 20 minutes. Maximum    about two hours.

By the way, you can watch “Bandersnatch ” with interactive only on Netflix.

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