Meaning of You Could Be Mine by Guns N’ Roses

It is difficult for moviegoers and music lovers to imagine the song You Could Be Mine by the rock band Guns N’ Roses separately from the film “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”, because the song became the main musical theme of the film, and Arnold Schwarzenegger himself ( Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the form of a robot, starred in the video for the track.

However, not everyone knows that the composition was not written specifically for the Terminator 2: Judgment Day soundtrack. She was born a few years before the release of the cult science fiction action movie.

The story and meaning of the song You Could Be Mine

Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin composed it no later than 1986. This is confirmed by the liner notes for the 1987 album Appetite for Destruction, which include the line “With your bitch slap rappin’ and your cocaine tongue you get nothin’ done”.

It is generally accepted that the song is an appeal to Angela Nicoletti, Izzy’s ex-girlfriend.

Axl also said that the lyrics to You Could Be Mine describe his relationship with Erin Everly, daughter of singer Don Everly of the Everly Brothers. They met for several years, but they did not even last a year in an official marriage. Rose dedicated the song Sweet Child o’Mine to Erin.

Music critics called You Could Be Mine an attack on the modeling industry.

Soundtrack “Terminator 2”

Terminator 2: Judgment Day was originally supposed to include the song I Wanna Be Sedated by the punk band The Ramones. Later it will sound in the movie Terminator Genisys. James Cameron is said to have chosen Guns N’ Roses after realizing that the scene with a gun in a box of red roses evokes strong associations with the band’s name.

The song is played during the closing credits and is also heard in episodes about John Connor’s childhood.

Release and achievements

Guns N’ Roses included You Could Be Mine on the Use Your Illusion II album. In January 1991, the musicians performed the song at Rock in Rio II.

On June 21, 1991, the track was released as a single. It topped the charts in Spain and Finland, and reached the top 10 of the charts in several other countries.

Video of You Could Be Mine

Watch the video of You Could Be Mine – Guns N’ Roses.

The music video was directed by Andy Morahan, Stan Wilson and Jeffrey Abelson. According to the plot of the video, the Terminator appears at the Guns N’ Roses concert to destroy the musicians. At the end of the video, he approaches all the band members in turn, except for Izzy. When the robot looks at Axl, the inscription “Waste of Ammo” appears.

Interesting Facts

  • At first, Slash performed You Could Be Mine on a BC Rich Mockingbird guitar instead of his usual Gibson Les Paul because of the tremolo.
  • At concerts, Axl Rose sometimes sang “with your ass in air” instead of “I’ll be out the door before you wake”.
  • The phrase “we’ve seen that movie too” refers to the song I’ve Seen that Movie Too by Elton John.
  • You Could Be Mine was also featured on the Terminator Salvation (2009) soundtrack.

You Could Be Mine Lyrics by Guns N’ Roses

I’m a cold heartbreaker
Fit ta burn and I’ll rip your heart in two
And I’ll leave you lyin’ on the bed
I’ll be out the door before you wake
It’s nuthin’ new to you
‘Cause I think we’ve seen that movie too

‘Cause you could be mine
But you’re way out of line
With your bitch slap rappin’
And your cocaine tongue
You get nuthin’ done
I said you could be mine

Now holidays come and then they go
It’s nothin’ new today
Collect another memory
When I come home late at night
Don’t ask me where I’ve been
Just count your stars I’m home again


You’ve gone sketchin’ too many times
Why don’t you give it a rest
Why must you find
Another reason to cry

Well, you’re breakin’ down my back n’
I’ve been rackin’ out my brain
It don’t matter how we make it
‘Cause it always ends the same
You can push it for more miles
But your flaps are wearin’ thin
And I could sleep on it ’til mornin’
But this nightmare never ends
Don’t forget to call my lawyers
With ridiculous demands
An you can take the pity so far
But it’s more than I can stand
‘Cause this couchtrip’s gettin’ older
Tell me how long has it been
‘Cause five years is forever
And you haven’t grown up yet

You could be mine
But you’re way out of line
With your bitch slap rappin’
And your cocaine tongue
You get nuthin’ done
I said you could be
You should be
You could be mine

Lyrics of You Could Be Mine Alternate

I’m an indifferent heartthrob
I burn with passion and I will break your heart in two.
And I’ll leave you on the bed
I’ll be at the door before you wake up.
This is nothing new to you
After all, I think we have already watched this movie.

‘Cause you could be mine
But you’ve gone too far.
B*** you talk too much
Cocaine loosens your tongue
You are good for nothing.
But you could be mine.

Holidays come and go
Today there is nothing new.
Choose another memory.
When I return home at night
Don’t ask me where I’ve been.
Just count your stars – I’m home again.


You’ve fooled around too much.
Maybe enough already?
Why would you look for
Another reason to cry?

You ruin me
I’m going crazy.
It doesn’t matter how we do it
After all, the end is always the same.
Maybe you still have enough for some run,
But your valves are wearing out.
I could sleep here until the morning
But this nightmare will never end.
Don’t forget to call my lawyers
With their ridiculous demands.
You can still evoke pity
But I can’t take it anymore
After all, we are all marking time.
Tell me how long has this been going on?
After all, five years is an eternity,
And you still haven’t grown up.


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