The Room Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Who Is The Father Of Kate’s Unborn Child In The Thriller The Room (2019)? The Room: Plot Analysis, Explanation Of The Ending, The Meaning Of The Film, Detailed Description Of The Content & Analysis Of The Thriller

Country: France, Belgium, Luxembourg

Genre: Thriller, Fantasy, Drama

Year of production: 2019

Director: Christian Volkman

Cast: Olga Kurylenko, Kevin Janssens, Joshua Wilson, John Flanders, Francis Chapman

The Room is a brilliant thriller that has everything from a fast-paced plot to an unpredictable ending. At the same time, the general idea of ​​​​the picture is far from new, but this time the director managed to demonstrate the original concept. However, the plot and ending of the film The Room require a separate interpretation, otherwise the director’s intention remains undisclosed. Let’s try to explain the details and find the clue to the ending of this truly intriguing thriller.

What is the movie about

Let’s start our review with a description of the movie The Room. The plot of the plot is quite trivial, and not much different from classic horror films. Couple in love Matt and Kate move to a secluded estate. This is an old house with high ceilings. Kate has a problem – she cannot have children, two previous pregnancies ended in miscarriage. In the new house, the couple plans to start life from scratch, not even imagining how it will end.

During the repair, Matt finds a steel door that is locked with a very tricky key. He finds the key among the old things, and finds an empty little room. There are problems with electricity in the house, the voltage constantly jumps. The called electrician descends into the basement, where he discovers a very strange electrical wiring system and a mysterious-looking mechanism. Leaving, the master expresses surprise that the couple decided to settle in this house, because the previous owners were killed right in the mansion.

steel doorFrame from the film.

She really grants wishes

Despite the fact that the house is just huge, Matt decides to retire to a room to cope with insomnia. Having nothing to do, he is looking for information about the crime that happened within these walls, drinking a bottle of whiskey he took with him. He manages to find out that the suspect in the murder is alive and is being held in a psychiatric clinic. As he thinks, the bottle comes to an end, and the man automatically wishes for another one to appear. His wish is magically granted: there is a full bottle of whiskey on the floor.

In the morning, Kate discovers her husband in a room littered with various art objects. And all the old paintings are originals. Matt says that any wishes come true here, but his wife does not believe him. Then he offers to check. Kate, laughing, thinks of $10,000, the lights flicker, and Matt finds a stack of banknotes in a pile of things.

Then the real bacchanalia begins in the house. The couple order a million dollars, sprinkle each other with pearls, joyfully eat delicacies and drink expensive champagne. For several days, the couple revels in their power, and understands that they will no longer have to work. In the morning, Matt invites his missus to try again to have a baby, but the girl is afraid, remembering how much suffering her two previous miscarriages brought her.

You have to pay for everything

The very content of the film The Room pushes Kate to the fact that the room is omnipotent, and she decides to wish for a child. As a result, Matt discovers a rosy-cheeked toddler in his bed, with whom Kate is babysitting. However, the man is not happy. This is someone else’s child, but he wanted his own. He even tries to wish in the room that the child is no more, but the baby does not disappear anywhere.

the appearance of the desired childOlga Kurylenko as Kate. Frame from the film.

From that moment on, the couple begins to discord. Kate learns the joys of motherhood that suddenly fell on her, and Matt tries to figure out the murder. He goes to a psychiatric clinic, where he talks with John Do, who committed the same crime. On the way back, Matt finds out that the room-created money taken from the house turns to dust.

Struck by his discovery, he arrives home and removes one of the paintings from the wall. Putting the masterpiece on the porch, he discovers that the part of the canvas, which turned out to be outside the house, is aging before his eyes, and crumbles to dust. Kate is about to go out with the baby, but Matt doesn’t warn her of his discovery. On the street, the child becomes ill, the man drags him into the house, and the couple is surprised to notice that the baby has matured by several years at once.

From John Do, Matt learns the main secret of The Room. Nothing created in this room can exist outside the home. The only exception to this rule is that the creator of the item must die (kill God and be free).

How to cut the Gordian knot

According to the meaning of the film, there is no relationship between the spouses. Kate takes care of the child, convincing Shane that he is seriously ill and should not leave the house. At the same time, the newly-baked mother is clearly not coping with her duties. She breaks down on a naughty child for any reason, although she repents of outbursts of anger. Matt tries to figure out the secrets of the monstrous house, draws diagrams, trains in shooting and completely ignores the child who has appeared in the house.

Shane soon finds out that there is a special room in the house. The boy creates a piece of forest in it, and a small picnic becomes obsolete for himself. This makes Matt angry. He locks the room with a key, another quarrel breaks out between the spouses, after which Kate leaves. Matt reveals to Shane that he is just a thing that was created in the room, and says that death awaits the boy outside the walls of the house.

stormy reconciliationKevin Janssens as Matt. Frame from the film.

When Kate returns home, a stormy reconciliation takes place between the couple, closely watched by Shane. At night, the boy leaves the house, and returns at the age of 18. Parents find him in the room, with a gun. A fight ensues between Matt and Shane, resulting in Kate hitting her head and knocking her unconscious.

When the girl comes to, she finds Matt next to her. He reveals that he killed Shane and carried him outside. In reality, this is Shane himself, who is in love with Kate, and wants to take the place of her husband. He created in the room exactly the same house where he took Kate. When she exposes the substitution, the guy doesn’t stop and rapes the girl.

The real Matt comes to his senses to save his wife, after which the couple tricks Shane into jumping out of the house into the street, closing the door behind him. Here the guy quickly turns into a decrepit old man and dies. At the end of the film, Kate takes a test and finds out that she is pregnant. There is horror in her eyes. Titles, final.

Ending explanation

Viewers who are trying to unravel the meaning of the ending of the movie The Room are definitely worried about the question: who is Kate pregnant with? Let’s try to answer it, based on the interpretation of the film proposed by the director.

Two attempts to have a child for the couple ended in failure, although both are in perfect health. Perhaps, subconsciously, they were both not ready to become parents, so Kate could not bear the child. Career, unsettled life. There are many reasons. The long-awaited pregnancy happens only at the end of the film, but here it is not clear who the father is. The day before, Kate had sex with her husband, later she was raped by Shane.

Given the fear in Kate’s eyes, it can be assumed that Shane became the father. At least that’s what she thinks herself. However, the question is whether the living organisms created in the room are capable of reproducing their own kind into the world. Most probably not. According to the meaning of the movie The Room, Shane is just a thing, even if it is able to speak and think. He can become a full-fledged person only after Kate, who, in fact, created him, dies. At the same time, Kate and Matt themselves are ready for the appearance of the child. They had to go through a lot to become full-fledged parents.

Therefore, the explanation of the ending can be as follows – this is Matt’s child. This is a perfectly reasonable explanation, but Kate will find out the true state of affairs only after the birth of the baby. Unfortunately, we won’t know. In this regard, the finale of the film remains open. However, we can say for sure that Kate will not terminate the pregnancy, regardless of the paternity of the baby.

The meaning of the film

The analysis of the thriller will not be complete without an explanation of the hidden meaning of The Room. It is noteworthy, but there is no double bottom in this thriller. The general meaning boils down to the fact that even you need to wish carefully. What did our heroes miss?

After all, thanks to the room, Keith and Matt had everything to not need anything. However, Kate went against nature. She decided to become God, and created herself a similar human being. Even though she could have tried to conceive naturally, she decided to take a short cut and have a ready-made baby right away.

The film clearly shows that when the baby grew up and ended up on the street, the joy of sudden motherhood disappeared. Kate became irritable and nervous, her marriage is almost destroyed. Although she lives with Matt under the same roof, they act like strangers.

Matt and Kate as strangersFrame from the film.

Therefore, the heroes of the film are prisoners of a vicious circle. They can’t get rid of the child, because it would actually be murder. Also, they can no longer be in the same walls with Shane, who is becoming unmanageable, while Matt and Kate are not his parents. Here we can assume that sooner or later a smart little boy will understand how to gain freedom and leave the house. To do this, you just need to get rid of Kate. However, there is nothing to worry about, because in the room you can create exactly the same girl and live with her.

The film The Room can be called a parable about human greed and stupidity. The meaning of the film is that people have many cherished desires, but no one thinks that they will have to pay for it. In the case of the heroes of the thriller, they paid for the fulfillment of any desire with freedom. Having everything, they became hostages of the house and nearly ruined their own lives.

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