Why Him? Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Why Him a comedy with a meaning?

Brian Cranston vs. James Franco: the head of the family enters the fight for the happiness of his daughter with her impudent, young and rich guy. It seems that the chances are slim, but we know which of these two is Heisenberg. In the role of daughter – a girl named Deutsch, director – a guy named Hamburg. Just a coincidence, you mean?

Comedy Why Him? with James Franco and Brian Cranston was warmly received by English audiences. Director John Hamburg is known not only as the director of the comedy Love You Dude, but also as the scriptwriter for the Meet the Fockers and The Model Boy franchises.

Of course the comedy Why Him? not replete with deep philosophy. The humor is rude and vulgar in places. But he’s kindly vulgar. The film promotes family values, friendship and loyalty. Money for the protagonist James Franco does not matter much, he uses it as a tool for self-expression.

The plot of the film intersects with modern and relevant topics, the development of mobile technologies and the Internet. The comedy is clearly aimed at the younger generation. And the perfect performance of Breaking Bad stars and Franco made this film worthy of attention.

Video Review for the film “Why him?” (2016)

Interesting Movie Facts:

  • The actors were allowed to improvise as much as they wanted. As a result, 240 hours of video were shot, which needed to fit into a 90-minute film.
  • The director of this film, John Hamburg, was the James Franco Professor at New York University.
  • The mobile application created by Layerd in the movie “Ape Assassins” or “Assassin Monkeys” is actually available for download for iPhone in the AppStore.
  • Many of the paintings in the Layerd house were painted by James Franco himself. Franco is not only a famous actor, but also an avid artist. His work is featured in many films in which he has played.
  • Screenplay for the film “Why Him?” was originally called “Aloha”. The girl’s father was supposed to be played by Ben Stiller, and Layerd – by John Hill. The action was to unfold in Hawaii. But after a significant rework, it turned out to be a completely different scenario with different actors.
  • James Franco designed all the tattoos on his character’s body.
  • James Franco is 17 years older than the actress who played his girlfriend in the film.
  • Elon Musk, the famous head of Tesla, starred in the scene at the party.
  • The character Gustav, played by Keegan-Michael Key, is a reference to Gustavo Fring, who was Walter White’s nemesis in Breaking Bad (2008) with Brian Cranston.
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