What to watch from already released series 2022

Even after the end of the peak of the pandemic, people still have the habit of watching new films in a narrow circle at home, and not going to cinemas.

The Russian audience can watch new TV series that have just been released in the world or have become available for viewing only after rentals around the world, but released a few years earlier. TOP 5 of what you can watch from the 2022 series that have already been released to the world in recent years?

Dark Desires

The Mexican series was filmed in 2020, consists of 2 parts. A simple storyline will allow you to escape from the routine of everyday life.

Plot Description

Alma – more than twenty years ago she got married, in marriage she and her husband had a daughter, Zoya. A rich but monotonous life makes a woman doubt her husband’s fidelity, and she decides to find out if he loves her as passionately as many years ago. As a result, Alma sends to the country for the weekend, where she spends the weekend, where she meets a young handsome guy named Dario. They begin an affair. A simple passion begins to develop into a passionate addiction. The situation is very complicated, with every minute it is heating up even more.


American TV series in two parts. He came out in 2019 on the screens. At the end of 2021, it became available for viewing by the Russian audience.

Plot Description

Rue Bennett is a seventeen-year-old girl who, from a young age, has been taking a variety of drugs that suppress stress, nervousness, and depression. After another overdose, Ru returns to his hometown. She continues her studies at the local high school. She dreams of meeting her love, but in reality she starts using drugs and leads a wrong lifestyle.


Another American series. Released in early 2022.

Plot Description

In the life of a tourist from America, a series of events occur that lead to mental distress. He decides to visit Italy to take his mind off everything that has fallen on him lately. In Venice, Frank meets a woman who seems unusual to him. He is ready for anything for a new lover. But the cloudless happiness of Frank and Eliza does not last long. Various events begin to happen to them that threaten to destroy their love.

Hell for singles

Korean youth series, consisting of several episodes. Was filmed in 2021. In USA, it became available for viewing with the advent of 2022.

Plot Description

Young people are on a desert island. They are ready for communication and brewing flirting. Only couples can leave the habitat to go to a heavenly place for a romantic date under the arches of the night.

Woman in the house opposite the girl in the window

Eight-episode American film. First released at the end of January 2022.

Plot Description

Anna, after breaking up with her man, is trying to heal her emotional wounds. Her days became a dragging, featureless time. She watches the dullness of days through the window, drinking a glass of wine at this time. In the end, a young neighbor with her daughter moves into the house opposite. Anna hopes that her faceless life will be filled with colors, but does she witness terrible events or does she imagine it?

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