Squid Game Explained & 9 Lessons From the Series

Squid Game is a 2021 South Korean TV series about a group of people who start taking part in a survival game. According to the rules of the game, only one player has the right to life. It is he or she who will take the prize for a huge amount of money. It seems that, in terms of Russian rubles, it is equal to about three billion. All players must first go through a challenge offered by a stranger on the subway. He is dressed in a decent business suit.

He has two cards: red and blue. Everyone takes turns throwing their card. The other is on the ground. When a card hits a card, one of them flips over. If a person defeats the host, then he is given an amount of approximately 100 thousand dollars. However, along with this, a potential player is given an invitation to the Squid Game. A young man in a business suit chooses victims for a reason. All of them have large debts to banks. Someone held a high position in one of the companies. Or just gambled like the protagonist of the series. Therefore, the amount of 100 thousand dollars is small for them.

The main character played with a stranger. After losing, he received slaps in the face, but in the end he won and received 100 thousand dollars. What was next for him? I returned home, but there was nothing good there. His mother was sick. My daughter and wife are leaving for the USA from South Korea. Then the man decides to take advantage of the invitation to the Squid Game. They put him on the bus. Pumped up with gas with sleeping pills. There are people on the bus, but they are all asleep. And the hero falls asleep from the gas. They wake up in a hostel with iron beds. The viewer is then shown that they are on a distant island. People who agreed to the games are appropriate. Various employees who held high positions and now have huge debts. The main character, it seems, was not an important person, but from poverty he gambled. Now he owes a large amount to the casino. Everyone has huge debts, regardless of gender and position in society.

The first game begins. There is a huge doll of a Korean little girl in the big room. There are security cameras in her eyes. Nearby is a large artificial tree. The doll turns to him and sings: “You go quieter – you will continue.” Then she turns around, hidden cameras in her eyes. Players must move to the finish line when the puppet stands facing the tree and sings: “Slow down, you will go further.” At this time, everyone is running to the finish line. Then when she stops, everyone freezes. Special people, in red overalls, shoot at those who did not have time to stop when the doll turns. Thus, there were several hundred players, and a little more than a hundred people remain alive. After the first game in the hostel where everyone lives, panic began. People are demanding to be released. The creators of the game do not hold them, but a glass container with a huge amount of paper money descends from above. People must now decide if they should play.

Everyone must press the “Yes” or “No” buttons located on a special machine. And here the meaning of the series “Squid Games” is already visible. The viewer is asked the age-old question: “Is it worth trying to become rich if it is a matter of life and death?”. Even if life is hard, it is precious. And here it is easy to lose it, because only one will survive. And indeed, the creators of the game let the players go. But then many come back. How symbolic the scene with the return of the girl who begged to let her go, because she is a young mother and did not even give her child a name. Despite this, for the money, she returned to the Squid Game. Nothing else matters. Although the creators of the series have made very interesting games that make you nervous. For example, a game with carving figures from melted sugar. But she just keeps going. The game looks interesting in which you have to jump on glass plates, choosing at random a strong one. Otherwise, you will fall into the abyss.

As a result, the main villain at the end says that everyone knew what they were getting into. People returned to the game, despite the fact that the main carnage was in the very first game with the doll, where more than half of them died. Can life really be so bad that people chase the ghost of money, even knowing that only one will survive. The main character survived and in front of his eyes his best friend killed himself so that he could take the cash prize. He only asked him to help his family. The Squid Game raises the question of the social stratification of society into rich and poor. And the last of them are ready for anything for the sake of money. The game of squid has been going on for hundreds and thousands of years. These are wars, gang clashes, robberies, murders. It will not stop as long as human society exists. Only a world without social stratification can stop the Squid Game. This is probably what the South Korean series is about.

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