What the book The Subconscious Can Do Anything by John Kehoe

Review of The Subconscious Can Do Anything by John Kehoe. The world has already written a lot of books about the potential of the human brain, expanding the capabilities of the body and our natural “supercomputer”. However, this does not mean that authors who have something to share need to bury their knowledge.

Therefore, today we will talk about what the book “The Subconscious Can Do Everything” by John Kehoe can teach. So sit back, it will be interesting! John Kehoe teaches: how to become a superman from scratch?

Who is John Kehoe and why is he so popular

John Kehoe

You may have a question: “Who is this Kehoe and why should I listen to him”? Great question, showing a certain amount of critical thinking in you.

John Kehoe is a writer, lecturer, philanthropist, part-time and multimillionaire who in recent years has taught others to achieve heights in the material and spiritual world.

It is known that he presented his Mind Power program in 1978 after a long self-isolation in the Canadian forests. Since that time, he has helped open the possibilities of the subconscious to hundreds and thousands of people around the world.

But we have gathered here not to discuss Kehoe’s biography, but to understand whether it is worth reading the book “The Subconscious Can Do Anything.” So, especially for you, we have identified a few main thoughts that the author put into his creation.

Thoughts are the engine of progress

John Kehoe "The Subconscious Can Do Anything"

Thoughts are what makes every person create or destroy. To achieve the task, it is important to visualize it as vividly and reliably as possible.

It is equally important to pronounce affirmations, that is, to remove negative attitudes from your consciousness and subconscious, and tune in to the positive.

The subconscious is a lawn, and we are gardeners in it

Our brain acts as a garden or lawn, which can be regularly mowed and kept in order, or run and reduce the efficiency of all ongoing processes.

Therefore, it is important to drive away negative thoughts, fears and anxieties, and learn to cleanse your subconscious of them. It will be much more productive to tune in a positive way and think only in a good way.

Change is a slow process


The author says that it is not enough to practice cleansing your subconscious several times a week, since no one will give quick results for nothing.

Therefore, it is important to devote at least 15-30 minutes of meditation and positive affirmations every day. Yes, working with the subconscious is extremely difficult, but everything will work out if you make enough effort.

Revision of attitudes and beliefs

Kehoe also speaks about the attitudes that parents, relatives, teachers and acquaintances give us from birth. For example, who said that real money can only be obtained by hard and exhausting work, and why at the age of 25 you already need to think about a second or third child?

Your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs can be brought back to normal if you honestly talk with yourself about what you want.

Work on self-esteem

low self-esteem

Self-esteem is a mirror in which everyone sees themselves differently. If you consider yourself a complete loser, then you simply cannot enjoy victory, because where does someone like you get them, right?

To live life to its fullest, it’s important to be a positive person and think about something like you already own it.

Creative person

It is important for every person to find some kind of hobby to their liking in order to develop their imagination and creativity. No one says to immediately start with painting or enroll in a music school, start small and move confidently towards the goal.

There are no problems, there are only opportunities

Man's problem

It is important to treat problems with understanding and gratitude, as they are an integral part of life, and it is up to us how to overcome them. In fact, any problem is an opportunity to gain invaluable experience, to learn something new. For example, failing an exam is not a tragedy, but an opportunity to prepare better, delve deeper into the topic being studied and achieve a better understanding.

These are far from all the thoughts that Kehoe put into his work. So you can safely read the book and get useful tips on organizing a happy and self-sufficient life.

And that’s all we have. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to write them in the comments. Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon on the pages of new articles.

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