What’s Wrong With “The Crown”: A Review of the First Two Seasons

The 2016 biopic “The Crown” tells us about the life of the Princess and then Queen Elizabeth II from the beginning of her reign to the present day. The series boasts a huge budget — from 5 to 13 million dollars per series. For comparison, we can bring the film “The King’s Speech” for $ 15 million, the same royal family, the plot of which is focused on Elizabeth’s father — George VI.

At the moment, the official website Netflix project has only two seasons, the events of which unfold in the 50-60s. But having taken their piece of popularity, the creators decided to continue and expanded the series to four, and if everything goes well then to six seasons, with the mandatory change of the entire cast once in two seasons.


The plot “The Crown”, will tell us about the fate and life of Elizabeth II, the key moments in her reign, the relationship between family and government.
The main events of the first two seasons cover the 50-60s — ascension to the throne and subsequent reign. As well as branches in the 30-40s, which will show the denial of Edward VIII, excerpts from the lives of George VI and his young family.


It is worth noting that each series of “The Crown” is a separate story about the life of the royal family and its surroundings, and can be considered as a separate film. But we do not recommend watching the episodes selectively, because no matter how independent they are, they are united by a common theme — the relationship of Elizabeth with her husband and family, as well as the royal duty, which is often in conflict with human feelings.
It is also worth noting that in addition to the cross-cutting themes, the series has a persistent infallibility, or, if you like, the alignment. Here you will not see unnecessary characters or dialogues. Everything that is shown and said is aimed at reinforcing the two above topics.

This method of narration is not new, so do not be surprised if after a few episodes, or season, you will catch yourself thinking that you know in which direction the story will wrap up. This predictability is due to the obvious structure of most episodes:
A problem arises — after a while/at once the queen learns about the problem – she is confused — a dialogue with someone who tells the queen the solution – the solution to the problem – is over.


The role of Elizabeth II was performed by British actress Claire Foy. And did it well, as evidenced by the “Golden Globe” she received
The actress had the opportunity to play the young queen, and, to be honest with you, we expected more. The Queen of “The Crown” has big eyes and a very nice face. She can look long at one point, smile condescendingly and listen attentively. And no, it is still not a school named after Kristen Stewart, but also to the great roles of the queens, as it did Cate Blanchett in “Elizabeth” and “Golden Age”, she can not reach Elizabeth I.


The role of her husband Prince Philip was performed by the famous British actor Matt Smith. His character, unlike his colleague in the shop, did not have any prestigious awards. It is also worth noting that he played the most controversial character in all two seasons. Perhaps this is due to the complex nature of the Prince Philip himself. But the fact that from the series to the series, we could not decide on the feelings for his hero, says either about the success or failure. In any case, it doesn’t matter when, after an audience with Queen, Prince Philip sits down in the TARDIS and sets off to travel. Well, how else to explain his so rare appearance in the frame.


Secondary characters

From the line of secondary characters I would like to note the beautiful game of Jared Harris — King George VI and Alex Jennings — Duke of Windsor. Interestingly, the latter has already played a member of the royal family. In the movie “The Queen” in 2006, he played Prince Charles.
Immediately after them is a charismatic in every respect, John Lithgow, who played the legendary Winston Churchill, and, let’s be honest — did it well.



Drawing its attention to a fairly solid budget ($ 156 million) series could not but please its interesting picture. The costumes of the Queen and all members of her family are thought out to the smallest detail.

Что не так с сериалом "Корона": рецензия и обзор первых двух сезонов

This also includes the main location — Buckingham Palace, the interior of which is a beautiful replica of the existing building. But despite all the obvious advantages, most of the main action takes place in poorly lit rooms, creating a sense of “chamberiness” that does not fit in with the declared budget.

Truth and fiction in the series “The Crown”

The “Crown” series is not a documentary. Therefore, the fraction of fiction and a little embellishment take place, not in vain the queen herself called the series “too dramatic”.
In the plot of the series you can find no one who actually did not exist. For example, Winston Churchill’s assistant vigorous Venice Scott. And situations that are unlikely to occur in real life — the quarrel between the Queen and the Prince in public. Some of the characters were also unlucky. If almost all the events are documented correctly. Example: The Queen’s dance with the President of Ghana, who was not included in the official video report on the trip, but was shown in the series:

The character and behavior of some of the heroes either worsen or put in a very good light. As an example, evil and always dissatisfied Edward VIII, who does not flatter himself about his family behind their backs. In any case, we can’t say minus or plus, just as we can’t find out what the Duke ofWindsor really was like.



Serial “The Crown” will approach to viewing to those who loves the costumed historical films, culture and traditions of Great Britain, and also is interested in a life of the acting sovereign.

Most likely, the series will disappoint those who love a more thoughtful plot. And also expects to see the revealed Elizabeth not as a queen, but as a person. To learn about her life before the “crown”.

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