Deseo Deseo Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Mysterious and mystical films are always popular and interesting. After all, with their help, viewers are transferred to another reality that is beyond our understanding. Worrying about the main characters, you can plunge headlong into an unusual life, take part in solving mysteries and find ways out of difficult situations. The film Deseo Deseo (2016) meets the needs of viewers who want to tickle their nerves while watching the picture.

A little about the history of creation

Released in 2016, Deseo Deseo belongs to the horror genre. Mexican cinema did an excellent job of creating a certain atmosphere, viewing will be a great addition to a long evening. The characters and the characters playing them perfectly got used to their roles, the dialogues are meaningful and fill the picture with life.

In the frame is a group of teenagers who are trying to solve the secret of their grandmother. Children’s games and entertainment develop into something more when they encounter inexplicable phenomena. Their influence on the human brain, and even more so on the child’s psyche, is very significant.

The picture after the release became one of the hits of a series of horror films with an exciting, dangerous plot. Therefore, for several years now, Deseo Deseo has been of interest to a wide range of viewers of different ages. However, the picture will become closest to teenagers, because they are the main characters in the film. The impact of the picture is quite strong, after watching it you continue to think about what it was about, what thoughts and plans the main characters were guided by when playing an unfamiliar game.

What will be discussed in the picture

After the death of the grandmother, the grandchildren begin to sort out the things left after her. Interest in treasure hunting is literally in the blood of children and adolescents, because the game that they soon found aroused genuine interest. Having carefully studied the find, having understood the rules of the game, teenagers begin the experiment.

At first, everything is easy and simple, and the game seems simple and fun. As they understand its rules and participate in it, children become more and more addicted. The old game turns out to be a real storehouse of miracles, because it fulfills wishes with accuracy. Children are increasingly addicted to a dangerous find, because they still do not know what awaits them next. And the game has a hidden connotation: the more wishes it fulfills for its players, the more it wants to receive in return.

With each subsequent desire, teenagers realize that the game draws them in more and more. The climax comes when they realize that the further the game goes on fulfilling the wishes, the more response is required from the players. And now there is nowhere to retreat: in order not just to play, but to survive, children are forced not to stop, but to continue playing.

The picture was shot very realistically, while watching fear covers not only children and adolescents, but also adults. Therefore, if there is a desire to tickle your nerves, then the feature film Deseo Deseo is just what you were looking for.

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